Monday, October 13, 2008

The Season Continues

How much fruit and veggies can one possibly look at?
As far as I'm concerned, quite a lot.
If I were patient, I'd make paintings.

So many apples.
The best are Winesaps - not pictured here. They are almost like Coxes Orange Pippins which we used to eat in England.
You can also bob for apples if you want to get very wet and frustrated.

There is something covetable about mini pumpkins.
Like kittens or puppies, one is driven by a wild desire to take them all home.
They are just so cute.
On principal, I'm against cute, however........
So I asked R. to choose just one.
It wasn't the one I wanted.

So we bought lots of apples anyway.
Apples to eat as is.
Apples for apple crumble
Apples for apple sauce
etc etc.

The mini-pumpkin sits on the dining table.
When Isabel comes to tea, we set out the "Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards".
We read the complicated instructions and are slightly bewildered.
Though printed in China,(surprise), we decide the designs are originally German.


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  2. I fight my desire for kitschiness, especially when it comes to mini-pumpkins and gourds. I'd love to do so much, but don't want that crafty woman look. Neither does Roger.

  3. THANK YOU for stopping by my photography blog. It has been so much fun to meet you. My husband and I are thinking about planning my first trip to New York so your BLOG will be a perfect read for us tonight! Thank you Thank you, xo Alys

  4. apples - I vote for honey crisp,
    gourds - twisted and wart-covered,
    pumpkins - I covet the mini whites

    such bounty -
    and the leaves today
    driving into town!

    I love fall - all the shapes, patterns and shades - chocolate and butterscotch...

    sending you love from Vermont

    xox - eb.

  5. I think I'll get out my cards
    or maybe make some...

    xox - eb.

  6. Great!
    How many can you look at? Well, I am going to India in only four days. I guess I'll know more when I am home again in four weeks.

  7. The colours of those pumpkins are so amazing and I know what you mean about the mini ones. I would want one of each sort :)

  8. I picked up some honey crisp apples this weekend and they are wonderful. Okay what is your tarot reading here? Good I hope! ;^)

  9. I love the autumn fruits in Japan.
    You've given me an idea to photograph some of them.

  10. Oh, I see you are getting your vibrant color fixes by looking at all that lovely produce at the market! The pumpkins are gorgeous. I'd say R chose the one for you with the most artistic is curved just perfectly. I, too, want to scoop up all those mini pumpkins and gourds and take them home with me!

  11. Great fall pics! I especially love gourds and mini pumpkins! Hey, should I like to this blog on Wednesday or to your Marrakesh blog?

  12. Autumn is every bit as colourful as Spring! And, much more tasty.

  13. Cox's Orange Pippins!!!!! How could you taunt an Aussie lady so! My grandfather had a tiny orchard and my cousins and I were allowed to eat the windfalls. Sniff! (That's emotion!)

  14. mmm...I'll be greedy, for once, and take ALL this goodness...I just loved this delicious, juicy, vibrant post, Elizabeth! :o) All those lovely fruits and veggies...each little works of arts...Happy Harvest, Happy Days ((HUGS))

  15. Autumn farmer's markets are my favorite.

    Just bought a huge bag of apples...fresh from Hood River. (THE place for apples in the Pacific NW)

  16. Seems we all love fall!
    Rinkly: Yes, picking Coxes at my friend's house and learning how not to damage the fruit and fighting wasps. September memories.We were only allowed to eat the windfalls!
    Alys: Let us know when you end up in NY
    Britt-A: Safe and happy trip to India
    Eb: Keep those magic images coming
    All: I love the blogosphere on-going fall festival. Such delights!

  17. I'm with everyone-- the colors, the flavors, the smells-- fall is spectacular.

  18. I also found some lovely miniature white pumpkins!!

    Those cards are wonderful, I'm sure between the 2 of you and all your languages you figured it out!

  19. A New England autumn is so delicious looking! (I know that NY isn't really New England . . . but for my purposes!) Oranges and reds aren't usually my favorite colors, but they look so vibrant in your pictures.

    I think that I need to go and get some pumpkins now!


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