Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blue and Tan

Some calm after the excitement of the Halloween party.
I think it was Leslie who first alerted me to the delights of blue and tan.
When I was looking for some sort of theme for today's post, I decided they were linked by color. Better than being utterly random.
This first an enviable house in the west Village. The sort of house that makes me drool........

Looking into a shop front on 7th Avenue at 24th Street. This had been a sort of down-at-heels linens shop that had had a going-out-of-business sale for about six years. The usual attractions of shabby-chic or palimpsest.(Something, usually a document or parchment, with lots and lots of layers.)

An autumnal hydrangea bush in Cold Spring Harbor.

Little boats in Huntington harbor.

A swan off Gold Star Battalion Beach. The water so calm and pellucid.
Dictionary day: File under P.

Looking across the harbor to Lloyd Neck.


  1. I love your blue and tan theme Elizabeth! Thanks for linking to me too. I am so sorry I missed the Halloween party as I'm really loving what you have going on down there in your previous post. I'll have to do some catching up with everyone!


  2. Hi Elizabeth. Beautiful photos. And I have to admit I learned a new word - pellucid! The photo of the swan is gorgeous. We have Trumpeter Swans who overwinter here on the West coast of Canada. They should be arriving by the droves pretty quick now :)

  3. Very interesting combination of colours and as usual, you found the best pics for us :D

  4. Lovely photos, Elizabeth...I especially like that last photo--very dreamy...blue & tan make a great combination. Happy Days ((HUGS))

  5. Love the shot of the boats in the harbor. And definitely P day...learned two new words!

  6. Lovely photos as always :)
    Pellucid. Well that's a word I din't know before today. I wonder if I can impress someone later with it?!!

  7. so pretty elizabeth--i will bookmark you as well...(I know this place well..my brother lives in cold spring harbor!

  8. Wonderful post! I might copycat you sometime! Why not?? LOL

  9. Working backwards through your posts, I found the answer to my Cold Spring Harbor question!

    A harbor home would be nice, but I think that I'd rather have that lovely red brick one featured in your first photograph.

    BTW, your Halloween photographs are truly spectacular. I've come back to see them several times.


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