Thursday, October 2, 2008

In An English Country Garden/Ecological Day

Sonia of Leaves of Grass who blogs from Brasil hosts Ecological Day on the 2nd day of each month.
Go to her blog here to see other participants.

The church and thatched cottages are visible from the walled garden.

It is best if a walled garden has a gate to look through and is flanked by a fig tree.

A stone bench supported by stoic lions provides a suitable place to rest.

A wheelbarrow is necessary to transport the garnered goodies the garden provides.

Solar drying improves the smell of the clothes and looks tres charmant.

Even in late September the sedum and Michaelmas daisies provide color.

The path is made of stones set on their sides.


  1. Really interesting view you have of England and I love the pics on here. I admire you for this and I also see you love reading but have you ever read or seen the master and margarita? I would like to return here?

    btw: see you soon

  2. Muito bonitas as suas fotos, Elizabeth.
    Feliz quinta-feira, e um Ecological Day...

  3. Ahh, dear Elizabeth, is that the entrance to the "Secret Garden"?
    And that clothesline dancing in the wind...lovely!

  4. Elizabeth,
    What a gorgeous photos of the English Country Garden. Love all photos, but principally the photos of sedum and daisies and the patio with the stones!
    Thank you so much for join Ecological Day! I appreciate very much your participation!

  5. these are beautiful photos. I especially like the laundry line.

  6. All your English photos are just perfection. I've been lost in them..

  7. Happy Ecological Day! Love the scenic photos. Just beautiful.


  8. Two more posts of brilliant English photos Elizabeth. I do like your different take on things.
    I guess you are back in NYC by now.
    The roses are still in flower.

  9. I think I could really get used to the gardens over there...

  10. I love your scenic photos! And what is the name of those flowers, the orange ones, in the wheelbarrow? My husband gave those to me once and I forgot to look them up. Happy E-day! (found you through Sonia) best, mari

  11. England has so many amazing nooks and crannies. I LOVE the clothesline pic!!!

  12. I like the look of those stones turned on their sides. Wonderful photos! A happy ecological day to you! :)

  13. I too 'was born in England but haven't lived there for many years'.I gather you're in New York; I'm in Australia. You capture that lovely gentle light of England so well in your photographs.And walled gardens are a joy. And the gorgeous picture of the washing blowing in the breeze makes me a feel quite domesticated!May I write a poem inspired by this photo? I'll definitely acknowledge you if I do.

  14. Elizabeth, you have captured some pure EWnglish charm here, haven't you? I love it.

  15. I do so love to see washing on a line blowing in the sunshine. The windcat was much in evidence here yesterday, and then he brought out his whole pride of cats to play in our garden and cause havoc. It is cold and autumn seems to have been leap frogged by winter.

  16. What a charming place! I love that stone path.


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