Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Last Look at the Garden

Although I'm back in New York, I'm reluctant to leave England.
As Sarah Laurence puts it, I've got blog-lag.

This little thatched hut/shack/folly which houses croquet mallets and such like
might be a home for a hermit - or a hobbit.

He could sit under the horse chestnut tree and wait for conkers to drop on his head and look out through the mist to cows on the horizon.

Or he could plan what to do with the very large stone ball outside his door.
Suggestions anyone?

Or he could wander down the garden path and think what plant should be put in the urn.

At the back door to the main house, a metal bucket waits to be filled with useful things.


  1. Such lovely photos! I had to look up "Conkers" and learned something new. I didn't realize those were horse-chestnuts I found on my country walks. Good thing I've never tried to eat them!

    It's beautiful in England today. We've clear blue skies and a gentle breeze, golden sun and a mild 64-degrees. Hope it's nice where you are :-)

  2. What a magical garden! Funny you mentioned hobbits...I just visited the New Jersey Botanical Gardens last Sunday and when I saw the cottage by the entrance surrounded by ferns and flowers, I commented how I wished a hobbit with walk out of it and come to greet us. I love your photos of England. No wonder you miss it so!

  3. I love the mystical mist in the background. Sigh. Beautiful.

  4. Very beautiful photos. Great Britain is very beautiful. I love Cornwall and Wales. Australia is beautiful in a different way and The Netherlands is also beautiful.I live in Holland and I am happy here.
    Thanks for the visit!

  5. I agree, it would be so fun to see a hobbit playing (or maybe having *second breakfast*) under that beautiful tree!

  6. How adorable! Looks like a magical place. :-)

  7. Wonderful to see you, Elizabeth!

    I want to know how to apply for housing in that thatched edifice. Once installed, I don't think that I could be pried out of it. As long as I had my sketchbooks, paints, pens and pencils, camera, I would be so content to just express myself.


  8. LOL! Blog-lag? I like that. ;-)

    I like these photos, too.


  9. I ahve blog lag too! I just returned from Key West --a little parcel of paradise.

  10. A gorgeous Hobbit garden.
    I love the blue colour of the house.

  11. Such beauty, such charm! Thanks for wisking us away with you. I want to be there right now.

  12. I'd be reluctant to leave too.

    The thatched anything more charming than that?

  13. Sit on it and roll away.
    Blog lag - I like that!

  14. What an adorable little hobbit house! So cute! I imagine many children would love that little house as their fort. No doubt magic would happen in it. As for the round stone ball - well, obviously it's a marble belonging to a young giant from somewhere in northern England or Ireland. Whoever lived in the hobbit house must have dragged it back to the hobbit house as a travel souvenir. :)

  15. this is really a cute garden.

  16. What a gorgeous chestnut tree that is! Lucky, lucky Hobbit! The little thatched folly (love that word!) is charming.

    Such a different environmnent from your "welcome home" post isn't it! Diversity is great though. And you are double blessed to be able to spend time in both those worlds (and Morroco too). I'm so glad you share them with the rest of us on your blogs.


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