Wednesday, October 8, 2008

London as a Tourist

This is also for Mrs.Nesbitt's ABC Wednesday.
See side bar for link.

I much prefer buses to the tube. You get to see lots more things.
I enjoyed being a tourist and going round Trafalgar Square.

The lion looks very noble.

I had fun taking pictures of Susanna's winged message.

This Charing Cross station.

Fall/autumn is here.


  1. Thanks for the tour! Your first photo looks like an old postcard...

  2. Yes, it does look vintage! Such a lovely mellow color. Aren't the British taxis adorable?! So stylish.

  3. I have enjoyed being a tourist in my own country!Thanks

  4. Thank you for taking us on a tour of London for ABC Wednesday Letter L.

    Bear((( )))

  5. I wanna see London someday. Perfect L. country for me I think :) and look there's a Lion in the pic too :)

  6. Wow--you're here! What dramatic and wonderful looking photos. I especially love seeing Susanna's winged message :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    PS I agree, buses over the tube!

  7. I LOVE your pictures of London! It makes me want to pop over for a visit!

  8. You also have chosen a capital. Your's I don't know! Come and see mine!

  9. I have never been to London but I loved your tour....

  10. Elizabeth, I love that you are home in NYC, but your blog is still in England. Is it blog lag? I’m feeling a bit like that as I work on my novel set in Oxford after leaving England 3 months ago. It is fun to look back.

    Your sepia photos showcases London’s old world beauty. I have memories by those lions going back decades. The biggest change I noticed was no more pigeons- I think they used hawks. That is an improvement, and I like the natural approach to it. The reverse leaf shot was fun too.

  11. Elizabeth, how wonderful to see you today! Definitely qualifies as The Highlight.

    This post from London shows places that I hold affectionately in my memory, longing to see them again.

    Now that you are back in New York, I cannot wait to see more of your "angles" on this city.

    I'll have more free time in a few weeks, and may get back to my creative id.


  12. What a lovely place to visit. I look forward to doing that one day.

  13. The tour was great but it was the perfectly positioned leaves that impressed me most. I'd love to experience another English Autumn.

  14. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments.
    Sarah: How silly I am not to have noticed the lack of pigeons. How did I manage that?
    England is, indeed, a super place to visit.

  15. Heeeey, look at that! One of the winged messengers! What a terrific surprise to see your photograph today. Cool and thank you, Elizabeth!

    PS: I like the fogginess and greyness of London in these photographs. There's a real mood to these photographs. They're like a memory.

  16. All great photos. Especially loved the last one.

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