Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sunny Weather

Sunny afternoon - too good to waste inside.
How many more of these glorious days will we get?
Walked down towards 11th Avenue.
All sorts of gasp-making construction.

Who will live and work in these palaces?
I admit to thinking they are rather wonderful and inventive.

The Richard Meier Building is, indeed, glorious and grows on one.

The reflections are an integral part of the experience and very subtle.
Robert is being like Waldo.

The first pictures are rather bloodless.
In the morning, I spotted these future bloggers at Union Square green market.
Someone had given them little green cameras.
Someone else put grapes on one young man's head.
I bet their blogs would make good reading.


  1. Oh my gosh, you are so right about those little bloggers--too funny! What a great class project idea, though :-)

    I like your building shots. I've almost forgotten what big buildings are like.

  2. Kids with cameras, great way to get them focused, no pun intended. Cool buildings.

  3. I like the Richard Meier building too. Why is everyone so mean about it?

    Great commentary - the last shot made me laugh.

  4. Those kids are wonderful! Put cameras in their hands and set them loose!!

  5. That last pic is priceless! They are so enjoying taking snaps of each other!

  6. Hello there Elizabeth, thought I'd pop over since i am having a good 'butt' day haha..!! I have missed all your wonderful pictures and you too and all those time when I was cut-off from the internet world, I kept thinking of everyone. It made me realise how important all you and everyone is to me. I love all the building pictures and the kids too, always my favourite. Here's wishing you a great weekend, HUGS!!

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  8. hey Elizabeth! - it was sunny here as well yesterday - so I left my projects for the woods - winging with the messenger and finding some sweet kids too - loved this adventure - on the same wave again - love to you love...

    xox - eb.

  9. With the grapes on his head he looks a bit like Bacchus!

    Blogging would be great for school-children. I learn something every day.

    My friend, Margaret, who lives in N.Y. told me about the recent collapse of a big crane. They do look a bit scary!

  10. I was just partying over at a Fanciful Twist and I thought I’d check out your blog! Fabulous photos!!


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