Saturday, July 11, 2009


I don't think anyone wears boaters any more.
This character lives on the side of a magazine stand on the 54th 
Street subway stop. 
Question: Why does New York love him?

Quite near Macy's is a very strange food place.
They sell absolutely everything guaranteed to make you fat.

Ice cream, fries, doughnuts, hot dogs etc. etc.
It is really pretty scary.

It was so awful it mesmerized me.

After that, the balm of a bright white cloud.


  1. Yes, it is a lovely 'cloud 9' sort of cloud!

  2. Cute taste of New York. I don't know why NY-ers love the character or why it's strange that a food place sells 'what makes you fat' (I've been to many of these places myself!)...but I do understand needing to just lie back and look at the lovely blue sky while watching a light white cloud gently pass by...thanks for the little "sky retreat". <3

  3. I've always considered ice cream an essential food, in a category all its own!

  4. Scary food for sure. One time, just one time, I went to Costco and saw a really fat lady with a cart load of plastic wrapped Danish Pastries.

  5. food places like that are scary, my mother says they are like the "devil" tempting the unsuspecting masses at their weakest moments. Penn Station has a lot of places like that.

  6. oh, I love your new profile pic - you look like a young girl and of course it would be hard for Buster to take a bad picture - fat food stuff is around every corner! it's epidemic......

  7. Profile shot excellent! Something about deep fat fried aroma that works on the psyche- like bacon frying,like fish and chips, like chubby doughnuts, like coffee perkolating, like corn popping...then ,when it is consumed, it turns on you like you have just ingested evil itself! And you have- except for coffee and pop corn- they are not evil...My friend eats this stuff occassionally with the rational that you must keep the pump primed. Sounded good at the time, I am sure, but now he is an un well fattie...

  8. For some reason that cloud looks like it's on a mission. : )

  9. You make me laugh Elizabeth! Thanks

    A toast to you New York & Long live Pizza! Fattening or no.


  10. Like the profile pic. Don't like the scary guy in the straw hat. Glad your part of the world is finally getting some summer.

  11. Is the man in the cap drinking a milkshake? I thought that pic captured the essence of your "people eating what they ought not to" post.

    Also wanting to add: What a lovely picture of you and Buster!

  12. I was craving pizza myself today ... lovely cloud, awful looking food court place

  13. It should be called "Fried and Sugar". What did I eat today? Ooops. Pizza.

    Love the contrast of the clean blue sky.

  14. that place is looks peaceful place to eat!!... wow! i love pizza tooo

  15. Give me the white cloud and blue sky any time.

  16. yes

    i have noticed this
    in many places ------>

    """They sell absolutely
    everything guaranteed
    to make you fat."""


    i think it is because
    we love to be ensconced
    soft plumpness.

  17. *giggle*
    I wonder if that place sells fried Mars bars too! My daughter tried them in Scotland. They are quite tasty, she assures me. ;-)

    Love the lonely cloud wandering about New York city's sky.

  18. Thank God for the cloud. You had me scared there with all the fatty stuff. Nice blog! Came via Daryl.

  19. Gosh - extraordinary food place. I suppose MacD's could also be fitted into the same category. That cloud is lovely - it looks like it's just been washed in Lux.


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