Monday, July 13, 2009

THe High Line Street Fair

photo courtesy of Robert Schmid

So many people in the street on a bright sunny day.
It felt almost like Mardi Gras.

 photo: Robert Schmid

There were all sorts of balloon creations.
Very different from ones I've seen before.

This one is like a sea anemone

or a flower

or even a piece of sushi
it takes on a life of its own
 soaring up into the blue.


  1. The High Line is the place to be!

    I like the profile pic of you and Buster!

  2. I love the kite-like balloons, and I especially love the new picture of you and the puppy. It's your best portrait ever!

  3. This High Line really seems to have taken off doesn't it? You are even having street parties on it now!
    I am having the greatest difficulty in moving your blog once I get on it, it tends to stick and I can't read it all. Very frustrating.
    Finally got it to work today though.

  4. Wow, that High Line is THE place to be! My fave is Robert's second pic of the girl in the pink balloons. Cool.

  5. Nice photo of you and Buster Elizabeth!
    I love to go to NYC street fairs. There's usually so much good food, great people watching and fun events. We went to Broadway this weekend to see Billy Elliot. I was amazed by the amount of people in the new pedestrian malls in Time Square! i

  6. Did you get a shot (or drink) of the World's Largest Lemonade cask?

    I saw them assemble it on Saturday ...

  7. Wow, that's fun looking! We were there on Saturday, so missed out on all this.

  8. ooo cool! i had no idea.
    it was SUCH a glorious day,
    wasn't it? perfection

  9. Me - thinking it is SUSHI!! food always excite me hehe :P

  10. What fun! Love the sea anenome--very clever...Great photo of you & sweet Buster too! Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

  11. Great photos! The sea anemone is gorgeous! Sounds the fair was very fun!

  12. Love the sea anemone - I would love one of those floating about my garden.

    (PS. I've been having the same trouble as Willow....the page keeps freezing and I have to reboot each time. Never mind, I keep trying!)

  13. The High Line Street Fair? I hadn't heard of that parade before. The sea anemone in the sky looks amazing, though. What a terrific idea! I can just imagine that it must move like one in a light breeze. Cool.


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