Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday in the Park with Bloggers

A sunny Sunday in Bryant Park
The Bank of America Building all sheeny and modernismo.

Luckily, wherever you are, leaves and plants soothe.
Judy brings hummus and tomatoes. Margaret brings
  cucumber sandwiches. Cherries and walnut cookies
complete the feast. Judy says after lunch that  something
 is going to be happening in Times Square.

We walk there and discover all manner of people: those who insist that
 God speaks directly to them and that He requires them to shout it at us.

Those who find clothing semi-optional......
We discover the Naked Cowboy's cowgirl
 and all sorts of tourists.
Then, to our delight, there is dancing in the street. 
Planned impromptu, but fun anyway. The sun is very bright.

The cops check the paperwork of the event's planners.
Everything in order.


  1. I like the EXtra serious faces on those cops! he-hee

  2. Yes, I was there with you and you have picked up the ambience so very well! Sitting in Bryant Park is awsome. Our picnic was fun as was the impromptu trip to Times Square (thanks to Magpie's intrepid nose for news) - a revelation since the traffic has been redirected to allow tourists to treat it like a family park.

  3. Amazing pictures! Love urban photos.

  4. EEEWWW God people are scary serious! Love the cowgirl Ho- inspiring outfit for a hot city day!

  5. Wonderful shots ... didnt you love the beach chairs?

  6. There always seems to be so much going on in NY - I increasingly get the feeling that only the teeniest tiniest tip of the iceberg was showing when we were there elizabeth.

  7. You never lack for photo subjects in New York!

  8. PS. Just re read your comment at mine! Congratulations for after Christmas :) x

  9. Sounds wonderful. Wish I was there.

  10. how wonderful to have the sort of bod that you could put on show in the middle of a city - envy

  11. The naked Cowgirl -now that surprises me for America.

  12. Well, this post had me laughing out loud and I called J into the room to show him your photo of the Naked Cowgirl. His mom had her photo taken with the Naked Cowboy a few years ago. J told me that the Naked Cowboy is currently in Australia for an ad campaign and that he's planning on running for mayor when he returns to NYC. Uh yeeeah. Well, if you can make it there, you can make it aaaaanywheeeere...

  13. If that semi-clothed lady is here, she'll be arrested and thrown to jail..no kidding :P No such freedom here but this is interesting to see another side of the pond, a different life from here. BTW, love your new avatar, kept forgetting to tell you earlier on. Happy week...but weekend's oh so near - so me=happy2. Love/M

  14. It is always great fun when friends get together. Love the cops faces ...lol...


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