Monday, July 20, 2009

Thinking About Blogging and Real Life

I began blogging about two years ago when we lived in Morocco
and I wanted to keep my family posted on what we were up to.
 My first blog didn't even have pictures. Then I got a digital camera
 and met Maryam whose My Marrakech
remains a joy and delight.
It was Maryam who introduced me to wonderful bloggers like
 Constance of Rochambeau and 
Stephanie of Rodrigvitzstyle

In New York last summer we had a lovely real world lunch party for
 Constance's birthday--which is today!
I became friends in real life with a group of very talented people. 

The photograph above was taken by Susanna Gordon
 one of the most gifted photographers I've ever met.
It is part of a photo shoot Susanna did with her niece A. 
and will almost certainly be the cover of Jane and the Essex Serpent
a book for children that I'm currently editing.
Child, water, woods. Magic.

Blogging has enriched my life in so many ways.
I recommend it highly.



  1. And your blogs have both enriched my life way over here in the midwest. Keep on blogging Elizabeth!

  2. Elizabeth! What a lovely post and YES! how wonderful that Susanna'a photo will be the cover of your next book!

    Happy HAPPY birthday dear Constance!!


  3. Happy Birthday, Constance. This wonderful photo will be a perfect book cover.

    There are no words to describe exactly how much blogging has enriched my life. Connecting with lovely people like you, Elizabeth, is just one example.

  4. I for one am very hapy you are blogging Elizabeth, I love visiting and seeing your latest adventures. you tell a wonderful NY story.
    & this is a beautiful photograph.
    today happens to be my Yorkie Priscilla's birthday too.
    Happy Birthday Constance!

  5. Happy Birthday to Constance..

    Having been away I have a lot of catch up to do ...

  6. ditto Elizabeth! and the photo of the little girl is just wonderful!!!! - new book? how exciting :)

  7. Yes, blogging take lots of time like a working mother but it makes me feel so calm and ease when I open my laptop.

    Meeting the person we been blogging is one of the most cutest ever and very excited, indeed!

    You are lucky that you met the nicest people in bloglandia. I had met some of the ladies too and it's fun to know them for real.

    Hope you enjoy her bday!

  8. You are so right, Elizabeth! Blogging can certainly enrich life and create new friendships. Your spot is a wonderful place to visit every time. Keep on blogging!

  9. I love your book cover!

    Happy Birthday Constance!


  10. I had never thought of blogging as a venue for meeting some of the dear friends that I have met but it certainly has turned into exactly that..a home for friends to come & visit. Happy Birthday to Constance!

  11. Happy Birthday Constance! And thank you Elizabeth for sharing your story with us!

  12. Hope you all had a great day in and out of the blogosphere.

  13. A wonderful photo for your book cover! And I see she is wearing wellies....Yes. I, too, find blogging very engaging and it was you and RinklyRimes that inspired me to get started - thank you both.

  14. elizabeth.
    i do think it was one year ago
    i discovered you & your blog
    on constance's birthday!

    you and dear isabel ♥
    {{ has it been only one year?
    or was that 2? }}


    and look at all the places
    you have taken me!

    new york
    and on
    and then there is

    oh happy day for you
    and shadow sunday
    which helps me look
    at things differently ♥

  15. Happy Birthday Constance!

    Congratulations Elizabeth on your book Jane and the Essex Serpent. Sounds a great book!

  16. What a lovely post :)

    Blogging has changed my life beyond belief!

    That is indeed a beautiful photo.

  17. I am amazed that it was so recent that you started photography in ernest Elizabeth.You are so professional.

  18. I'm so glad that you started blogging, too. AND I'm even more glad that we were able to meet one another and become friends. You are so much fun to hang out with, Elizabeth. You have the best sense of humour!

    PS: Glad you like the photo. I'll send you the rest of the pics on a disc soon.

  19. OMG! It's Constance birthday..and I found her through you! I am so glad to know her, she's a GEM!! Talented, creative and one of the kindest soul I have ever known. I've got to go wish her now :D

  20. What a wonderful tribute to blogging friendships and our dear Constance's birthday. I thirlling...another book...and with our Susanna's beautiful photography. Perfect!

  21. Thank you friend Elizabeth for being YOU! For this post. It is a great computer miracle how we all have met!
    I will NEVER forget your beautiful and generous Birthday party!! EVER!
    Now, How about yours next here in Jefferson!

    Lots of love,


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