Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Keeping Busy

These men have escaped from one of Robert's paintings.
(cut out paper propped on the window )

This wire man walks round a shelf near the ceiling.
He once had an umbrella drink.
Courtesy of Bobby Schmid

This singer plays funky blues every day.
Corner of 23rd St and 7th Avenue.

The snacks from the independent film aren't so good
as the ones provided by Law and Order. Oh, well.

In the Meatpacking District men with a message.

It's graduation season.

Daryl Fashionista visits the High Line and poses in
front of the amazing stained glass.


  1. The colors in that stained glass are very inspiring and remind me of some recycled sweater quilts and pillows one of our authors has been making. If I were craftier I would make a quilt to mirror those windows!

  2. I love the little wire man with the umbrella! Very quirky....just my style.

  3. So very many ways to keep busy in the summer. I vote for joining the little wire man with the red umbrella.

  4. How fun to be in this grouping! I meant to say something about the man with the umbrella, I noticed him and thought he was quite charming

  5. I love Robert's painting - I have sat and looked at some of them for a long time - I guess the difference between big budget snacks and low budget snack is quite a gap! had to laugh at the grad pic - looks like the guy is wearing the balloons on his head!

  6. I cannot imagine having that much life outside my windows everyday! Such a treat to visit your world.

  7. That's an amazing pic of Daryl and the stained glass. She fashionably coordinates!

  8. Love the mysterious, shadowy figures in your first photograph Elizabeth.
    Very hot and humid here.

  9. Nice silhouette effect with first photo. Sun and shadow. Heat and shade. Liked the whole series.

  10. What a fun collection of images. I love the figure with the cocktail umbrella. Nice to get a glimpse of Robert's work too.

  11. Those male silhouettes look astonishingly real! Not so the wire man, but he is cute, too.

  12. You nearly fooled me with the first picture :P

  13. Fabulous captures, Elizabeth.

    and DARYL for a coup de grace!!
    I'm SO jealous that you gals can hang out in real-time....

    Comfort Spiral

  14. The wiry guy appears to be searching for his umbrella drink.

    And who knew about the snacks for Law & Order? Wow.

  15. Daryl!! she looks so lovely, and it was so nice to see you at her place :)

    I want to fix those signs for those 2 men - they need bigger poster board and less words - no one has an attention span anymore

  16. What fun is that first picture Elizabeth. You are not as high u p as I imagined either.

  17. ... snacks from the independent film aren't so good
    as the ones provided by Law and Order ...
    - the world is upside down! ;-)

    Love your husband's cut-outs: They fooled me. I thought they were people walking.

  18. Having snacks of any kind on an independent film shoot is a rarity these days.

  19. I'm catching up on all your glorious photos, saying "Wow!"

    You have such a wonderful voice, Elizabeth, and with the combination of your words and pics I think you need to do a book...

  20. I just wanted to add that I remember well the humongeous piles of perfectly fine houseware goodies in front of the New York University building on Washington Square in May. Too bad we had already a car loaded with a student's belongings to take home to DC! ;-)

    Happy Fourth of July weekend!


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