Saturday, July 25, 2009


I was completely blown away 
 when Constance suggested watching a you tube about 
Hans Silvester's photographs stun.
In New York people love style but nothing quite 
as amazing as this.

Herewith New York very recently
How wonderful to have the entire world on your head.
High Line July 24th

Heading to day camp.
Bus stop at 23rd Street.

Day camp T-shirts.
High Line.

The woman on the left is in NY default: black and white.
Her companion has made an effort.
9th Avenue

And the winner is..............
this elegant dresser.
23rd Street and 8th Avenue.


  1. Fabulous! I remember a sociology book about 30 years ago. It stuck with me because there were photos of people all around the world in traditional dress, geisha and Hmong Hill tribe, a few different african tribes and an American woman from the 70's with way too much bright blue eyeshadow and make up on. It was shocking. Shocking has gone way past bright blue eyeshadow these days.

  2. That OMO lady is fabulous but oh, the tattooed head, that must have been so very painful. I hate and loathe tats.-but I love your photos

  3. Looks like your weather is still on the cool side. Always enjoy your pictures!

  4. Oooh, I love these!! So much imagination on parade. Aren't people the best! To have the world on one's head!!

  5. Haven't watched the video yet but that head tattoo is amazing! Easy to hide if you want, too, though I bet it was amazingly painful.

  6. I no longer wonder why Micheal Jackson wanted to do something about his face, even though he had something good to begin with. Exotic cosmetic issues whether of a natural cultural fact, borrowed, or of medical scientific research, has been a matter of interest since the beginning of time, and here we are simply discovering, thanks to the internet, that there is an audience (and sometimes a need for such transformations) at large, if not close to home!

  7. That video is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! I'm getting the book, thanks to Susanna's tip!

    Your second photo is great! To have the entire worldon your head...mmm...I like that :)

    And my dear...when you decide to go to Portugal...I'll hook you up ;)

  8. cool pictures!! and that lady is awesome!! loved her shot!

  9. I loved this post Elizabeth! And I truly was dazzled by the post Dazzled. Oh the colors! They are so beautiful they make my heart hurt. And dneese! Brilliant!

  10. aren't the OMO people amazing?! Robyn at Art Propelled had a post about them a while back and it took days for my mouth to close - ooo, the map on the head - wow!

  11. Love the style post...and that last man is dapper indeed. Oh Elizabeth, you have such an eye for the unique. No wonder your photos intrigue. I just love the two little girls off to camp. What could be more charming? Their messy windblown hair is so appealing. Sending love your way <3

  12. Everyone has pretty much expressed my feelings of amusement and amazement. Love the colors and creativity--theirs and yours. Thanks again!

  13. I like the head tattoo best. What a clever idea.

  14. Dearest Elizabeth,
    The Omo are so beautiful!!!!!!!!
    I'm still mesmerized!
    It was Steph and Susanna, that brought these beautiful and creative creative people to our attention, thankfully!

    How is Buster the Wonderful?
    Sending hugs from Tx.

  15. Wonderful shots!
    wonderful city,
    wonderful YOU!!!!!

    Comfort Spiral

  16. So colorful and original people! I love all these photos. Now I want to go even more to New York!!! Teasing pics.

  17. My only visit to NY was brief. Your shots make me wish I'd lingered longer!

  18. The map on the head is incredible.. absolutely incredible!

  19. All I could think looking at that young woman's head was: did they anesthetize her before doing that?

  20. I can't get past that tattooed head . . . style is one thing, and self-inflicted pain quite another. I like your dapper pick.

  21. The OMO woman is amazing. She looks incredible. I love the diversity that you show in NYC - people are so interesting...


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