Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Running Out of Puff : or a Slow Day in Blogland

Terrifically hot and muggy. Yesterday afternoon I said, 
"Let's take the dog for a walk."
Immediate torrential downpour, enlivened by the approach of a woman clad
 entirely in scarlet. By the time I got my camera out, she had passed by.

The rain made plants in planters sparkle.

Tomorrow, one of the best writers in blogland, Weaver of Grass, 
is encouraging fellow bloggers to write about what inspires them.
I love the idea of inspiration, of having a lovely muse breathe
 exciting things into my ear. Please join in if you feel like it.


  1. Love the rainy street scene, though I bet your dog was none too pleased.

    What inspires me? Hmmm....

  2. Love when it rains HARD in NYC, it cleans the streets ...

  3. How does Buster like the rain? One bichon here loves it - Misty - but the other one hates it and has to be dragged along, the whole while looking up at me with big eyes.

  4. Now, I've got to get some inspiration on what inspires me...

  5. raining cats and dogs here, too
    {{ i looked for buster }}


    but last night
    it sounded like Giants
    running around my yard
    so i went out
    and looked for footprints
    this morning...

  6. here in NJ it just kept getting more and more humid with sudden little tiny spritzes from the sky

    we never got the downpour that cleans the air and makes the heat rise up off the pavement

    I will check out the inspiration blog :)

  7. It was certainly hot and muggy, like today. The flowers look beautiful.

    I hate when I miss a photo op because it took forever for me to pull out my camera. Happy a lot. ;-)


  8. lovely photos my dear! i write about what inspires me quite often but today i actually wrote about how i am stuck. interesting.

  9. I think we are all going to be inspired tomorrow elizabeth!
    Love those rainy photographs and wish I could see Lady in Red!

  10. Aloha;

    Me too ;-)

    I'm just preening my wings today at:

    Comfort Spiral

  11. You made something of "puffless!"

    Hope I did as well...thank goddess for pictures ;-)

  12. Rain is drenching the country this summer...although none yet today...the air is heavy and yesterday was the most beautiful rain and the MOST beautiful rainbow I have EVER seen.

    I think I will join you all in inspiration tomorrow.

  13. So THAT's where the Scarlet Woman is...

  14. Hot and muggy is right, it was 39 celcius yesterday...I am wishing for more rain :D

  15. Inspiring sparkly plants! Good to know it doesn't only rain here in Wales!

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