Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I've cheated and read Weaver and Willowmanor and Titus's posts about inspiration.
I'll admit, nothing inspires me nearly so much as looking at what other people have done.
So, first of all, family. The date on this photograph is September 1939.
My father's brother Maurice, who hated school
 and was good at tennis in an erratic sort of way.
Look how his hair has been flattened down for the photo.
He died, of course.

One of Claudia's first photographs when she was taking photography in high school.
A pumpkin grown from one we had kicked off our porch.
I've learned everything I know about taking pictures from her.
Something magic and fairy tale about pumpkins always.

West Square in London, near the Imperial War Museum Film archives.
Why do the mossy steps lead nowhere?
What possibilities in the quiet window.

Colors in Morocco. A life saturated with visual delights
but all sorts of other things too.
I hope no one finds this last image offensive.
David Shrigley captures so exactly how I sit at my desk
and get distracted all the time.


  1. Found you while reading comments on another blog. This is a delightful post - love the stairs that lead to the window... it's a sort of synopsis of life, isn't it? Wonder if there's a door open somewhere...

  2. LOL! That's ME, sitting, looking desperately for e-mails. Friendly e-mails. No spam. LOL!

    Love your inspirations. Love Claudia's photos, especially her photos of Buster.


  3. P.S. Handsome uncle.


  4. Fantastic!

    Pumpkins are magical, aren't they? Never thought about it that way. And the steps to nowhere! Wow.

  5. Your delightful blog always inspires, Elizabeth. Wow, that Maurice was a handsome guy. Claudia's photos are amazing. I can't believe she took that one in HS! The cartoon made me giggle. :)

  6. Hello, I'm following the meme and it's proving to be a fabulous journey: I love those atmospheric photographs, those Moroccan (was it Moroccan, my memory is appalling?) colours and those steps! There's something Midnight Garden about them.

    That's me at my computer, too: I often sit and think 'does no body love me?'

  7. Hello,

    On the Weaver trail. Isn't everyone?! Lovely photos. And I must admit that I've made the odd dip into your NY and French folders before - without saying hello!

    Wide variety of shots, all with something to inspire.

  8. What a handsome chap. I love your post and the fabulous photos. What a talent Claudia has. Super, well done Weaver, we're having a great time.

  9. Ah that cartoon is perfect .. no worries there ...

  10. What an inspiring, interesting selection of photos — and the comic! LOL! That's me too.

  11. Well, the last one made me laugh anyway!

    One day I would love to visit Morocco. Your photographs are inspirational.

  12. I enjoyed these much contrast...I love the impact of the color in the Moroccan 4 intense...and your uncle looks like he's is out of a movie...your daughters discarded pumpkin to volunteer pumpkin has so much mood ... and that is a ghost portal, I guess...the mossy steps leading to a wall/window...certainly, you have plenty of emails!! Ms. Elizabeth Popular! <3

  13. I've hopped over from Weaver's and am so glad I did. No the last pic. certainly does not offend, it pictures life precicely as it is.
    The mossy steps leading nowhere are just begging to be the start of a story, may I borrow them just in case inspiration strikes?
    I adore your daughter's pumpkin shot. My son is a photographer too.
    Most in our family are pretty good art shooting off a cannon.

  14. You inspired me to check out Weaver and to write my own inspiration post, thanks Elizabeth :)

    I love the cartoon

    I love the photographs

    and I wish I could ruffle up Maurice's hair for him

  15. You inspire in so many ways.

    And you make me laugh. Peace.

  16. I love the last sketch - sometimes it seems nobody loves me! Your lay out is inspiring!

  17. Love the mossy stairs - reminds me that taking a closer look almost always alters perception.

  18. I particularly loved the photograph of the mossy steps leading to nowhere. Thanks for the great post and the comic was priceless and very apt!

  19. I'd say you learned your lessons from Claudia very well. What fascinating moss-covered steps!

    And I love your description of Maurice: "...who hated school and was good at tennis in an erratic sort of way."


  20. I have to say elizabeth that your photographs are an inspiration to me.
    Regarding the military photograph - sometimes you can almost see death in a face in time or war I think.
    Lovely read. Thank you for taking part.

  21. I wondered on first viewing your London photo if they should move the "steps to nowhere" down to the War Museum. The symbolism might be appropriate. But I always have second thoughts about whether such comments on war as an institution offend against the memory of those who responded to serve their country, did so with honour and never returned.

  22. hi elizabeth, what a beautiful set of photographs - especially the stairs to the window. i'm wondering what the view from the window out is like. each day, awakening to an inaccessible mossy stairway.
    i've passed through before but kept quiet - uncharacteristically quiet!! the e-mail cartoon is really funny!! been there!! have a peaceful day. steven

  23. Oh, Elizabeth, I loved this post - the pumpkin photo was gorgeous and the f.........g pic was hysterical - made my morning :)

  24. between you and seth this one really got me going...and thinking.
    lovely post. cool cartoon.

  25. I do think that inspiration begets more inspiration! You are one of the lovely, creative folk I turn to . . .

    I love those mossy steps to nowhere at all.

  26. ohhh..
    good one...


    the mossy steps that lead nowhere...
    my imagination soars
    in a cs lewis kind of way,
    with a harry potter type of answer.


    they DO lead,
    we just cannot follow ♥

  27. Superb! I always cry at War Memorials and the photograph of your Uncle is beautiful, and intensely moving.
    The pumpkin could definitely inspire me, but a story I think ...
    Finally, those colours in Morocco! It looks like another world.
    Thank you.

  28. Distracted?
    You write beautifully; distraction RULES!

    Aloha (distractedly) from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  29. Another one here on Weaver's blog trail. I love your inspirations and especially like the photo with the stairs leading to no-where.

  30. There is something about pumpkins. I loved all these photos.

  31. great, this last picture spoke to me and made me feel really guilty. I do that a lot, I should stop!

  32. Ah my dear, this post pulls at your from all sides...touches the heart, brings out the mother in us, makes you wonder and want to adventure, and especially left me cracking up at your fantastic sense of humor.



  33. HAHAH!!! I find the last image so, I never speak like that but it's so cool and funny!! Can't say that is ever possible for me, I try to live off blog land and internet on the weekend, and when I switch on the laptop, it is flooded by hundreds of emails - all work related ones. I love your inspiration too Elizabeth, and Claudia is one amazing photographer. again..laughing when I read Paz' comments as I am typing this hehe..I should send her a friendly email :D

  34. Maybe the steps are for a quick 'elope' through the window!!!


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