Saturday, July 4, 2009

Green Market for the 4th

The green market at Union Square was lovely yesterday.
Then I discovered I had left my camera at home 
so into the breech steps celebrity guest photographer
Adam Powell with his trusty cell phone.

Ripe tomatoes.

Strawberries galore.........

and some daikon
(many thanks to those who identified them!)

Here's hoping you and yours have blues skies
good food and good company.


  1. White carrots? Are they rutabagas? That phone camera sure takes defined shots, amazing color too. Have a lovely do you find country, earth and warm people in the big city, Elizabeth?

  2. Lovely fruit and veg! Happy 4th to you too!

  3. Are they not very clean looking parsnips? Perhaps too smooth for them.
    Your format for July 4 is startling - the beach looks lovely and the veggies inviting! A wake up call, here!

  4. Those are daikon. A type of radish.

  5. Yes, those are Daikons. Very good for phlegm. Happy 4th.

  6. They are Parsnips...very sweet tasting and they are good in stews...a little goes a long way though as their taste is so distinctive and can take over.
    I am surprised how good your cell phone photos are.
    Love you new banner...spells summer :)

  7. How lucky to have such a talented guest ... ah the produce looks delish ...

    Happy Fourth!!!

  8. Love the daikons or parsnips or elongated turnips or whatever they are....

    Elizabeth, I just want to say I get up every morrning with my coffee and scan what's up with the blogs and it is always so refreshing to see your picture of the day. This morning the ocean scene enveloped me and washed over my knotted brow....
    THANK YOU!!!

  9. Happy 4th of July to you, too, Elizabeth! Your new banner is terrific! It's absolutely perfect for the summer. I can picture you walking through the Union Square market in the city. I would never have known those root vegetables were daikon. I wonder how you would eat them? Steamed like carrots, baked like potatoes...?

  10. I just arrived home with my stash from Eastern Market. I like dancing in shamanic alignment with your day, Elizabeth.

    Happy fourth!

  11. ....and a happy 4th to you!!! Like the new look of your blog.

  12. Happy Forth Elizabeth
    Great red, white and blue post!
    With love,

  13. love your red white & blue theme. Happy 4th!

  14. Wow, Elizabeth, this is a very joyful new color scheme on your blog. I love the banner too, although it does take over the entire screen almost. Just the perfect summer scene!

    Kudos to your guest photographer and his cell phone. Wonderful shots.

  15. Elizabeth, loved your new format. Maybe you can give me some pointers. Great post for the fourth.Lori

  16. AH.. a strawberry storm? Happy 4th July!

  17. love the photos- I did a post similar recently after a visit to Pike Place Market in Seattle

  18. Great pictures, mouthwatering! Happy 4th, Elizabeth, and have a nice weekend :)

  19. Photo number three made me feel I'd like to buy the tomato right in the middle! That would set the cat among the pigeons!

  20. To you, too!!!
    I loved the pictures and your blog, too.
    Congratulations !!!

  21. wow!!! the strawberries look gr8!! nice shot!

    Happy 4th!

  22. great shots from a phone!!

    I love the new header


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