Sunday, July 5, 2009


An explosion of midsummer flowers on 26th Street.

For the first time, the Macy's fireworks were on the Hudson River.
Very lucky for us. So we went up onto the roof.
And took not-very-good pictures.

Fireworks much better seen by the naked eye.
That's New Jersey in the distance.


At ten, the fireworks audience walked up 23rd Street heading for the subway.
The dog was astounded.


  1. Your photos are great - thanks for sharing!

  2. They are great considering we lost the show to the Hudson this year - all that was heard in the Village area was the thunderous noise instead of the annual spectacle from our windows! Photos of moving flares, for me, are more magical than the real thing! Thank you.

  3. As I watched those very fireworks on TV last night I thought of you!

  4. what do you mean!? AWESOME PICS! if i ever got married again, god forbid, i would have fireworks over a large body of water so i would get double! LOVE these! xxx j

  5. I like the fireworks pics....Barb

  6. and you say...not very good pics..i think they're great Elizabeth..look like flowers really!
    enjoy the festive sunday!

    ps: i did take note to take you to this lovely place when you come to Granada!

  7. Good Lord, some fireworks! I'm not surprised the dog was astounded...

  8. I love fireworks - my dog doesn't, they freak her out!

    Hope you had a good 4th July weekend.

  9. Nice to see your 4th July celebrations elizabeth. Love the new header and layout.

  10. I love your header and last two posts! I enjoyed your fire-works photos.

    My blog is NOT updating in readers though I'm publishing daily ;-(

    PLEASE come vist the sad but brave blog at:

    Comfort Spiral


  11. Astounded is better than scared! My Mums dog hates the noise of fireworks.

    Beautiful flowers.

  12. love these fireworks photos! - like flowers of light - Boone and David watched from the studio roof in town as well - in between rain showers...
    happy 5th to you as well!

    xox - eb.

  13. I like the artistic quality of your "not so good pictures". They're cool!

  14. In truth, the Macy's Fireworks HAD been on the Westside in the Hudson from its inception in 1976 until the mid 90's. This year was billed as the 'first time since Sept 11, 2001 .. and that's true but not the whole truth ..

    Regardless, thanks for sharing your photos ...

  15. What's a dog to think, with all of those people walking all over his turf! Hah! Hugs xxx

  16. Hi Elizabeth, love the new header, looks so much fun and summery.

  17. actually, I really like the pictures you took and what amazing seats you had!

  18. Fab pix. I scrolled down and I love the photo of the rat in the meatpacking district.

  19. I like your fireworks pics. They're painterly. If you'd had a tripod, they would just be like all over fireworks pics. As it was, they turned out interesting. Looks like a mighty show.

  20. "the dog was astounded" !!
    that made me laugh
    I went to the fireworks show a few times and I was astounded - what a crush of people

    I bet you lost count of the number of people who smiled at Buster

  21. Hello Elizabeth,

    I also tried to capture those incredible fireworks ... not at all easy.

    Up in my neighborhood, the West Side Highway was actually not so crowded ... great place for viewing.

    Glad Buster did not freak out too much with all that noise.


  22. I hope Buster was not too alarmed by all the noise. We've never babied the dogs during fireworks or storms and consequently they are quite calm now -as long as we are around I guess

    Great photos

  23. LOVE the fireworks! Glad you had some fun on the 4th! Happy Day, Elizabeth :o) ((HUGS))

  24. Nervous fireworks? Better cut back on the caffeine.

  25. Oh, I think that your firework pictures are stunning! It is wonderful seeing those "fixed" squiggles of light.

    We missed all of that . . .


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