Friday, December 5, 2008


The skeleton of an old building by the side of the Hudson.

There is something delicious about  metal decaying.

Time to clean up the house and make things sparkle so candles can reflect light.

Monochrome sparklies in ABC's window --tasteful, kitsch and charming all in one shot. 
I lust after a glittery little deer.

The Salvation Army are out in force and good for them.
Here Music outside Macy's on 34th Street.


  1. Like the aging metal shot. Esp the shadows of text. Some things get better with age visually. Even some people do.

  2. Metal decaying ... sounds like it's time for a road trip through the Rust Belt.
    I've read that the Brooklyn Bridge has significant amounts of decaying metal, especially at the water line. Any chance of BB photos?

    (rewrite due to typo)

  3. love the first image of the old building! and yes! about the rust!

  4. Those old glasses .. the champagne glass looks like it is the same pattern as my grandmother's .. I broke one of the wine glasses on Thanksgiving and was thankful I was the one who broke it not Husband or sister ...

    Treat yours with love


  5. ABC is such a prosaic name for a store with such beautiful, glittering things.

    I want a cast iron pan for Xmas. They rust so nicely.

  6. I have this image of you out and about every single day. I love that.

    Your book arrived this morning. I've only flipped through it, but it is beautiful and wonderful to hold in my hands. Congratulations again.


  7. Love that metal shot! Have a happy weekend :D

  8. These are gorgeous photos, Elizabeth. I also enjoyed the Times Square ones below. You make me miss the city.

    It was so nice meeting you there! Now I have a warm face and voice to put to your words. Sorry if I was a bit talked out - it had been a very social week for an introverted writer like me.

    BTW, my NYC friends agree that Pain Quotidien makes great hot chocolate, but I'm glad we went someplace more unique than ABC - at least for NY.

  9. I have a thing for old metal. And I'm not sure exactly why. And the more lovely patina the better.

  10. I love the way rusting metal peels in patterns. You can 'do' rust pictures almost as easily as cloud pictures, y'now?

    Stellar photographs, yet again. I love coming here to gaze. Most of all, I love the surprise factor...your take on structure and pattern and colour is singular.

  11. Not just a simple bell ringer, eh? The Salvation Army of NY goes all out!

  12. Beautiful photos with great composition. Thanks for your comment! St. Nicholas was yesterday, now we are preparing for Christmas and the birth of Jesus. We have no Santa at x-mas only a x-mas tree with decorations. And I am listening to Chrismas carols.


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