Sunday, December 28, 2008

Festivity Fatigue

A good time was had by all.

However, Joba's antlers no longer light up.

The paper hats have been crumpled up and thrown away along with the little pieces of paper with jokes and Trivia on. 
Example of Joke so old Methusalah might have laughed at it:
 Q. Why do bakers work so hard?
(Because they need the dough.)
Trivia. Q. Name four of the seven Von Trapp children from The Sound of Music.
Answer at the end of the post for those with time to waste pondering this.

A bouncy ball from the crackers has ended up with the rest of the tangerines.
After Lindt truffles and Toblerone, their simplicity seems rather attractive.

A. Liesl, Freidrich, Lousia, Kurt, Briggitta, Marta, Gretl


  1. What a cool photo through the window!
    Yes, I have found fruits and vegetables more attractive, suddenly...

    I am going to try the Trapp children:

    oh, maybe Rolf is Lisel's boyfriend?

    Oh, I can't remember!

  2. Festivity fatigue! Was dealing with that about a month ago. Really liked the bouncy ball in the fruit bin. Kinda says it all.

  3. A good phrase to describe the week between Christmas and New Years--festivity fatigue. Even the city looks tired.

  4. Joba,pleased pup! He KNOWS how fabulous he looks doesn't he.
    Glad the festivities are finished- the snow melting - on to the new year! Can't wait to see N.Y.C in the spring! I am sure you will do it justice.

  5. I am still feeling all the food comas! I loved the trivia but I don't think I could name one:( It's been way overdue that I see Sound of Music. The dog picture is my favorite:)

  6. Stop by - I have an award for you!

  7. As always, I so enjoy your sly wit, E!

    (Well, I could name everyone but Marta. We haven't had our usual SOM airing yet this season.)

    As for festivity fatigue, I felt like I was sucked straight out of the Christmas mood when I flew to the Caribbean. Eartha Kitt's death was sad, too.

    I am going to load up on the oranges tomorrow.

  8. Yes, it is all over and fancy the dog's lights not working anymore too.
    Did not realise tht you could get crackers in the States. US guests I have had hear had never heard of them. One tried to take some on the plane once - she had to leave them.

    Well I have just read the first 10 pages of Jane in Winter - I willhave to read some more tomorrow - I need to know what happens now. You are very clever Elizabeth.

  9. Lovely pix! I definitely have festivity fatigue today!!

  10. You definitely had some fun!!

    wish you a very merry post Christmas holiday and a relaxing recovery...

    hugs from Spain

  11. The dog is so cute..glad he jumped in and played Rudolph for a day..all wonderful pictures Elizabeth. We are at the EAst coast now so will be back to KL soon in a few days. It's raining here daily but luckily no flood :D

  12. Elizabeth, I would not have guessed even one of those names, and right now probably could not come up with names for all Santa's reindeer.

    What I can find amid the fatigue is the pleasure that reading your Jane in Winter gave me. I am going to share this book with others. The dialogue is so good, as you pass from character and character.

    Hoping to see you early in the New Year. Cheers! xo

  13. Joba is so cute!

    No clue on the Von Trapp children's names...had to cheat.

  14. Edward is quite taken with Joba's costume!!

  15. I love the pictures, especially the dog. Bless.

    Elizabeth, is that you in the second picture with the hat on? She is very pretty.

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