Friday, December 19, 2008

First Proper Snow Storm

8th Avenue and 23rd Street.

An umbrella and a long coat very helpful.

Bicycling not recommended but if your livelihood depends on it....

Lots of shopping still to do......

Way down town near City Hall..............

............the warm lights of Trinity Church look welcoming


  1. I've just realised you cleverly put falling snow on your pics, I had to look twice, I thought it was my tired eyes! Lovely pictures, so very much as I imagine NY to be.

  2. Want snow? Well, come west for a visit! You're invited ... but bring a snow shovel, none are currently available in these parts.

  3. Here in NYC, my cat Milo is sitting on the window sill regularly leaping against the glass, trying to attack the snowflakes. Found you on Willow's.
    "The Lives of Others", yes.

    Lyn, at Two Ghosts

  4. Snow at last! ;)
    Better snow , than the rain...
    I'm still waiting for a White Xmas?

  5. Lyn: Was interested in your blog.
    Is it possible to comment or follow? Please advise.
    Purchase of castle in Transylannia not imminent.

  6. ohhhh, it looks cold, I hate to tell you are arctic weather is headed your way!

    word verification:

  7. Liked these - we got yet another aspect of New York - at least you get some miserable weather like we do!

  8. I'm so glad you took pictures! I'm annoyed that my camera is broken - the screen is green and miserable and I can't see anything through it.

  9. Enjoy, Elizabeth! It's blizzard up here! Just beautiful. :-)

  10. Wonderful, wonderful snowy city shots.

  11. snow, snow, everywhere! - ours is supposed to leave in a couple of days - yes please! leave!

  12. Hello Elizabeth,

    When I went out into the snowfall mid-morning in search of greenery for my substitute Christmas tree, the flakes were swirling around, and my umbrella was no use at all. Looking around me on Amsterdam, I thought ... bet Elizabeth has got her camera out!

    So glad that you did.

    Fragrant juniper and red berried holly have found a place on the only vacant table top. I hung some of my old baubles on the juniper.

    Indoors this afternoon, I added another fragrance to the apartment, as I baked sheet after sheet of brown sugar cookies. Stars with green or red grainy sugar sprinkled on top.

    Back to work tomorrow! xp

  13. thankful to be home after the most harrowing drive in the snow - no view back or forward - but now here I am - warm and full of thanks to visit you here - such lovely city scenes - wishing you well...

    xox - eb.

  14. Snowing here in Taos too. I love everything about snow, but traveling in it :-).

  15. Your snow goes so well with the pictures! Really pleased with 'my' snow! Tahnks so much :)

  16. Looks a little cold and wet!

    That church entrance does look inviting!

  17. Love the way you put the snow on the screen - happy Christmas, xv.

  18. wonderful pictures really enjoyed wondering around we have snow here in the highlands of Scotland

  19. Such fun views of New's such an amazing city. Although I do prefer it the other three seasons of the year!

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