Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sunset and Blogging

Looking out of the window provides hours of harmless entertainment.

On Sunday evening we had an unusually spectacular sunset.
My new camera picks up bright colors, unlike the last one where I had to crank up the colors every time. 
Tangobaby has a nice sunset today.
Willow of Willow Manor mentioned Tangobaby.
You see how we run in circles and cross-pollinate.

This is looking west down 23rd Street. The two alien spaceships, lower left, are the (one) light over the dining table.

This picture was taken between the other two looking slightly northwest, and the sinking sun is reflected in the windows of the buildings.


  1. The quality of the light in that last photograph is beautiful.

  2. Your new camera does the business, doesn't it.

    It's funny - I popped into willow's blog a little while ago and saw she mentioned Tangobaby. Blogland sure is a funny circular place.

    Elizabeth - I want to wish you a great year ahead full of lovely photos, fun and laughter...and always good health

  3. Nice colors.

    You teased, what kind of camera?

    And one word: Photoshop

  4. Yes, what kind of camera? I may be shopping for a new one. And with the colors you're producing, I'm interested in yours!

    Happy New Year to you!

  5. Wow, how stunning! Such beautiful pictures and colours.

    Happy New Year Elizabeth :)

  6. Yes, what kind of camera? Can you comment on comments?!!

  7. Hallo ELizabeth, this New York sunset is GREAT! I also visited tangobaby's sunset in San Franzisco.
    Your new camera seems to be great! My new camera is so good when there is little light.
    Nevertheless, I manage to get crappy photos ;)
    Sometimes these blurred photos look quite interesting, and it's a lot of fun, too!

  8. What a wonderful view from your window. Beautiful photos. Very nice camera work. ;-)

    Paz XOXO

  9. With that excellent lighting and a good eye (okay and that super camera) you can make a drab industrial area look like a work of art.

  10. great view outside you window! - I'm with the crowd, what kind of camera? and I love the last image - really really nice...

  11. New camera...ooo...treats! These sunset views are breaktaking, Elizabeth! So glad to catch up with you here and see you're enjoying a wonderful holiday! We're just back from our Christmas trip and getting over the jet lag and settling in...ringing in 2009 will be quiet here-LOL! Wishing you & yours love & joy in the New Year! ((HUGS))

  12. Gosh what a lot of interest in my new little camera.
    A NIKON COOLPIX S610/S610c
    A present from my husband.
    We got it at J&R photo downtown the day of the snowstorm.
    I had sort of wanted a Lumix but the salesman suggested this one. It was less than $300 and seems excellent so far.
    When the festivities have abated, I will read the manual.......
    Happy New Year!

  13. My last comment was through Firefox who/that/which? does not know who I am....
    camera is a Nikon Coolpix S610.
    R says aprox $200....

  14. i like the purpl sky colour ..great

  15. Thanks for reminding me how beautiful NYC sunsets are:)

  16. These pictures are so beautiful!

  17. That's a beautiful sunset. It doesn't seem like winter there at all.

    Wishing you a very happy new year!

  18. I wonder if my NY friend, Margaret, saw exactly that sunset?

  19. You have a great curiosity and imagination Elizabeth! That's why you are a happy soul!
    Happy 2009!
    May you continue to shine your bright light!
    with love and respect,

  20. Beautiful sunset Elizabeth and wow..a new camera, sounds super fun!! I think I should get one too :D

    here's wishing you a great new year and may 2009 brings you lots of joy and happiness, much love, M

  21. I love cityscapes and sunsets, a magical light...

    Elizabeth, I am really enjoying A Fortunate Child...

    Happy New Year,

  22. You have captured the colours with such beauty and style.

    Happy New Year to you.

  23. Thank you for visiting my sunset in the West! Yours here are lovely!

    Happy new year!

  24. Elizabeth,
    I've been perusing both of your blogs for the past half hour. They're entrancing! I love your photographs.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I'll definitely return here and am enjoying your posts.


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