Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rounded Shapes, Alas, and Evening Sights

A week of afternoon excursions. Here the waitress at Tea and Sympathy on Greenwich Avenue.
Sarah Laurence and I order tea and scones with cream. Yum.
We talk about books. 
Go to her site to see details of the Blogger Book Boost which seems a splendid idea.
All those long dark evenings to be filled with vicarious adventures.........

Here a chair in Tea and Sympathy -- a symphony in brown and sort of round. 

Here another symphony in brown. The pumpkin pie at City Bakery on 18th Street. More round shapes. I have a shot of hot chocolate -- the server thinks a whole cup would be too much
Even I have to agree.

To atone for my disgusting greed, I walk home both evenings.
The advantage of rain is that it reflects things.
Here 23rd Street opposite the Chelsea Hotel.

It might be quicker to bike.
Or hitch a ride on a truck on 8th Avenue.


  1. Wonderful city scapes.

  2. Elizabeth - through your eyes we get such a different New York to the one we are used to seeing on UK television - it all looks so calm, peaceful and safe.

  3. Weaver: Yes, if you look at UK TV you would imagine you would get shot any moment in NY.
    In fact, it is very peaceful. I wander about and used to take the dog out late at night.
    It's possible to have a very dullsafe life here -and enjoy it!

  4. Wonderful as always, Elizabeth!

  5. I'm in love with the reflection, bike shot! Well done!

  6. This post has really made me homesick for the City! My husband and I used to live on 26th between 7th & 8th, right next next to Martha's studio. On Hugo's fourth day of life we were moved upstate full time to our house. I love it here but sometimes I can feel a hunger and hear the busy streets and pretty windows calling my name. They say, "Alissa, oh Alissa... Where have you been?"

  7. I see you b ought some books Elizabeth and the coloured reflections are magnificant.

  8. Very nice outing with you. Most enjoyable - I echo the observations that it looks so real, homey, unlike how we see NY in the media. thanks for your perspective- the real deal. Nice photos!

  9. Elizabeth, wonderful to see this city through your of my favorite shots is the chair and your bag!


    word verification: ovellani....doesn't that sound like it should be some wonderful holiday drink??

  10. I love these walks through the city - fav pics are the pie on real plate with plastic fork and then the solo bike with the Chelse behind it....

  11. I love seeing your city Elizabeth :)

  12. That's not being greedy, Elizabeth - that's just to give your blood sugar a boost. Great photos.

  13. You get to meet the nicest people, Elizabeth! I am totally envious of your bookish tea.

  14. I have to make my way over to Tea and Sympathy. I have heard such rave reviews. Who doesn't love some tea?

  15. Oh, I love the idea of a shot of hot chocolate! I have to ask the folks at Demel's if they wouldn't take it up, otherwise I will never again be able to enjoy their splendid concoction (I have tasted it, they offered me an expresso cup full, which seems the perfect size). A whole cup is simply too rich, their HC is nothing but melted chocolate goodness.

    Love the image of the forelorn bike, the chair with the bag, well, every picture, actually! :-)

  16. Howdy Elizabeth.
    Thanks for tagging me along on your excursion to Tea and Sympathy. I can pretend now can't I? One year I ate nothing but scones for lunch. You see? I'm on board here.

    Thank you also for the introduction to Sarah Laurence. She seems like a talented artist~writer and lovely person. Blogland is SO GREAT!

    Hugs from afar!

  17. WOW, wonderful walk in the city and geat stops as well! Rainy evenings in New York...I was transported!

  18. Awesome photos as usual. Tea and Sympathy looks really nice.

  19. What a friendly waitress! I must ask my NY friend Margaret if she frequents 'Tea and Sympathy'.

  20. Just a shot of hot chocolate? I didn't even know it was possible to order!

  21. Elizabeth, it was a pleasure meeting you for tea! I enjoyed your shadow shots above too.

    Willow, I wish you could have come too. Tea and Sympathy would have been just your cup of tea.

    Hi Constance, thanks for stopping by and your nice comments.

  22. I especially like that lonely bicycle, waiting faithfully for its owner.

    A "shot" of hot chocolate sounds just right!

  23. I am putting your bike photo on my desktop. I must have that lovely thing to look at as I trudge through my day at the office.


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