Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Having Had Enough of........


I went down to Dean and DeLuca in Soho

 to contemplate

spring flowers and smell them too.

In the evening they took the top of the Empire State Building away.

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  1. I read once that there is an early morning flower market in NY and I've always imagined wandering amongst stunning blooms of every kind and color, but I'm thinking Dean and DeLuca might be more than enough. No such place like that in this rural village.

    I don't know who took the top of the Empire State building, but I sure hope they put it back soon. : )

  2. The photo of the Empire State Building.... outstanding !
    The flower were beyond fabulous.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. What an amazing photo of the Empire State Building. I can imagine King Kong up there...

  4. Loved Dean and Deluca when I was there, good food! We couldn't find the one in SoHo, probably walked right by it, so went to the one in Rockerfeller square,no flowers though.

  5. My abiding memory of my only trip to NY is Dean and DeLuca in Soho, if I close my eyes and concentrate really hard I can still smell it: divine.

  6. The week day is really the only time of the week for locals to go to SoHo...hope there was more contemplating spring flowers than missed yellow cabs ;)

  7. OH NO-The lid of the empire State building GONE! just like that! I blame Palin!

  8. Elizabeth, grand to see you the other day!

    Yes, I also do a double take (and wish I had my camera with me) when fog makes the top of the Empire disappear.

    Dean and Deluca. Let me travel back down memory lane to SOHO in the 1970's. D & D were just a small shop with cheese, tea, and some affordable other bits...think it was on Prince Street, but might as well have been Spring.

    Giorgio Deluca was a lovely fellow, and over the years, as his shop/s flourished, he continued to be wonderful to chat with, when I would spy him.

    D & D now is something else altogether. Some of this is down to the lower dollar/versus many other currencies, some of it in my case may be down to sour grapes that I can't afford to shop there.'ve made me nostalgic for the olden SOHO days. Cheap intro to various cheeses, and TyPhoo loose tea.


  9. Beautiful flowers! Spring is coming, only two months to go :)

  10. I am in love with those wonderful flowers. In this grey wintertime they spend a little bit life and happiness...
    Your nightphoto is really really good!!!

    A big hug- Ines

  11. I can almost smell those flowers!;)

  12. Gorgeous flowers! Gives one right away a lift in slushy N.Y., doesn't it?

  13. wonderful post, Elizabeth;

    especially liked the whimsy at the end. :-)

    thanks for the post.


  14. im going 2 new york this summer i cnt wait


  15. An evocative post. It took me back to Dublin and the flower sellers there. Always, there were beautiful women heading for their Georgian homes with armfuls of flowers bought from the barrows ... and I would dream their lives for a moment.

    Also, I love city night photographs and fantasised being there to see the Empire State building with no top.

    Thank you for sharing your city yet again.

  16. I am happy if you like my photos, and I hope you will come to see Hungary soon! :)

    Did you see my doggie pictures? I think Buster would like them :)

    See here:


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