Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Snow....


Someone had left seed on the church wall on 22nd Street.

The bushes and fences were heavy-laden with snow.

Such soft, sticky snow........

......that coated the netting that covers the new building...

...and made sculptures of trees.

Sort of crisp and clear and back to normal here....

but the kids got the day off school

Pinwheel Park between 24th and 25th Street

and played in the park.



  1. I do like the look of that tree.

  2. Awesome photos Ms. EWix!Almost inviting!- the netted building is incredible, fluid but frozen like an ice palace.
    the poor little birds- I always buy seed for them even if the winter is mild- the baby Jay still comes to the window and bangs on it for peanuts- he is less tame but still knows where to get a good meal.

  3. It's snowing now, tiny flakes running with the wind, but nothing like the snows that keep visiting you, Elizabeth. I do find that snow sculptured tree fantasical.

    Stay warm and well!

  4. My most sincere condolences. But you have a way of making all that white bitter coldness look good.

    And the kids just love a SNOW DAY!

    Just keep thinking of Morocco.

  5. Hello Elizabeth.

    I thought that the texture of this latest snow was so different from the others we've just witnessed.

    It was beautiful to see how it hung in tree branches, as you say like sculptures, or perhaps like very heavy full blown sails.

    I got to practice my shoveling skills again this morning.... Also marveled at the re-appearance of the sun.


  6. I like the cars all covered with snow, it's like they are wearing a blanket.

  7. Very nice photos! Congratulations!

  8. Hi, Elizabeth-

    wonderful snow impressions.

    Yes- snow in the city- really bad, because it´s sooo dirty on the streets and it´s terrible to drive...

    But the kids had no school- great :-))

    A wonderful photo of the birds and I like that great view over New York- it makes me longing for...

    A big hug- Ines

  9. I always worry about the birds, I know it is silly but so glad to see someone helped by putting out some seed. Don't their little feet get cold ?
    Everyday when I watch the morning news from New York all they are showing is snow, snow and more snow. But you are living it we just get to see how beautiful.
    Love the blue net building and the amazing tree.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. I am really envious! :)
    I want that big snow! Here is only 1 inch high.
    Does Buster enjoy the snow or he doesn't like it?
    Your photos are excellent winter pictues.
    Have a good weekend!

  11. Oh wow.......what a lovely little fix of NYC.....just dull and cold here in london.....had hoped to make a trip but I fear this glimpse will have to do instead!!!

  12. Your photos showed me more details of how it is when it snows. Lovely!

  13. That's pretty much how this neighborhood looks too; pretty, but cold!

  14. the nightly news
    said this was the heaviest snow
    on record for NYC
    since recorded history...


    could that be right?

  15. Snow everywhere....great pics!
    Take care
    Marinela x

  16. A wonderful selection of snow photographs. I love the landscapes, the tree sculpture - fantastic, the railings and bushes - like iced cake, and the birds; especially the pigeon as we had one just like it who could not fly and for whom we built little houses and exercise pens (protection from the cats). We called her Popcorn and she was very loving and gentle.

  17. Oh, the bird photo is wonderful. Something very enduring in this image.

  18. Once again, thank you for sharing your New York with the world. Even the thought of snow snow snow doesn't make me not want to be there!


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