Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Forties

It was not meant to snow much this morning, but it did.

It turned the ESB into a ghost.
I thought I had better go somewhere different for a change. 

So I took a bus in the storm to the theater district (via 42nd Street)
to discover new and exciting worlds.

I discovered that there were very few people in Times Square.

And that there is an entire shop devoted to things M&M.

I discovered that there was a very cool dude (sort of lounge lizard)
lodged right next door to King Tut.

Unbelievably huge prize* to the first person who tells me who this is
seen here wearing an acrylic hat almost certainly not made in New York.
Robert thought EAP (Edgar Allen Poe)
but I said he was wearing a civil war uniform, so....

The irreverent part of me thinks this poster should read:

So that was a foray outside my usual territiory.

*to be determined....
For a wonderful selection of modern bar stools go here


  1. Hmmmm. He looks familiar. Really familiar in a Mark Twain sort of a way.....But not.

    I'm thinking.

  2. Snow, rain, fog - it's only weather - and clearly the conditions did not keep you indoors! NY offers up never ending photo opportunities - fab! I give in - who's the acrylic hat wearing guy?

  3. He kind of looks like Gen. George Custer. Beautiful pics of New York in snow. I can't wait to go back there.

  4. Some sort of general, for sure, but I am not high on general knowledge!

    The snowy photograph captures the scene beautifully.

  5. The only civil war name I ever remember is Robert E. Lee. Come to think of it I don't know if he actually had anything to do with the civil war, or if I've just attached him to it.

    Whoever he is he looks nice.

  6. I love the reflections in your Spiderman picture.

  7. Thank you for those great N.Y impressions- it was a wonderful walk with you :-))

    Hugs, Ines

  8. You found really interesting things!
    I like the ugly green M&Ms statues and the N.Y. hat :)

  9. Back again. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Yes, she is - and I shall let you know what I feel about the stories, when I find them. Do you know the title?

  10. I thought that it looked llike your friend "the Bard." Shakespeare had long hair, a mustache and a pointy bears, no? Why did you think thatthe cloak was civil war?

  11. Elizabeth, I praise your bravery in venturing outside today. We certainly didn't see many folks at the shop today, but did enjoy seeing this morning's pretty snow.

    Tonight's sleet that slicked up our icy entranceway...not at all enjoyable. Let's see what happens to our city overnight.


  12. Um, Sir Walter Raleigh or one of those explorer types first sprang to mind?


  13. Who knew there was a Bowlmor in Midtown?! I only know the one in the village.

    If Tuesday was bad, today is just miserable. But you make it so lovely.


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