Friday, January 7, 2011

Snowing Again

Everyone's out and about anyway.

Not sure whether bicycling is a good idea, but lots of people do
 it and I haven't seen anyone languishing in the gutter.

Most people in New York wear black though there were quite a lot of red coats about today.

I see we are going to get some mail later: Neither snow nor rain etc etc

It's really coming down now.

Better hurry across 8th Avenue.

*    *    *   *


  1. wonderful captures i like all of them,this is a real reportage.

  2. Oh I think, in the city it´s bad with snow. Here outside it´s not so dirty, when we have snow.
    I love those pictures. Thank you for taking me with you :-)

    Love- Ines♥

  3. So this is where the snow went! We got lots of the fulffy stuff today out on the Island too. I didn't have to drive anywhere, so I just sat back and enjoyed it.

  4. I hope you found the boots !

    Love the progression of photo's and I must say it looks/feels very wet and cold.

    How does Buster like the wet snow, does it bother him ?

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Your photos describe the storm so well that I'm feeling the chill. I really like the one of the pedestrian so sharp against the blurred taxi with the snow just pelting down.

    Thanks for the outstanding view of your world.

  6. Love the snow pictures! Just missed the snow when I was there!

  7. very pretty pictures Elizabeth. & I always enjoy your narraative.
    I love all the blacks and yellows popping out against the snow covered backdrop.

  8. I like this photo serial. I see the weather is not too good there. Here all the snow melted away and the temperature is +9 (48 F).
    Have a nice weekend!

  9. great pictures from NY streets:) Here is not snowing anymore (at least, for now)

  10. Fine winter pictures from New York, we also have rain and gray weather

  11. I love it that I can build up a picture of New York, that is not in travel catalogues, through the wonderful photos and captions in your posts.

  12. Oh I just loved this post, the photos really bring to life, everday goings on in New York.

    Especially thrilling since I am in a very hot, very humid but beautiful all the same, Papua New Guinea.

  13. thanks so much....
    i have lived my whole life in NY! and now just a few years here in sedona, az. I love it here...but my heart misses NY...

  14. You really have caught the feel of the weather with these pictures Elizabeth.
    Never imagine cyclists in New York but I guess it is getting more popular everywhere with traffic problems and cost of petrol.


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