Friday, January 14, 2011


If you have a dog you end up having to go out in all weathers.

This is good and bad -- at the moment mostly bad.
Here a tangle of bicycles on 8th Avenue.

And a reflection of the same.

This morning the sun, at 8 o'clock, hid behind a water tower.



  1. Good morning! I am reading past posts...I wish I had planed better. When you and friends will be in Morocco I will be in Iceland. Wait that is not bad :) That is going home. However, I do wish I had planed better.

  2. Sometimes you wonder who is taking whom out for exercise. ;)

    Someone needs to tell the sun to get up and at'em a little earlier. These dark mornings are depressing. Thank heaven for fun blogs to read. I'll bet you're excited for your upcoming trip to a sunny place.

  3. Oh, the long gray shadows of winter, it is beautiful in a cold depressing kind of way, imperfect and impermanent.

  4. Beautiful but oh so cold looking. Hang on, Elizabeth! You'll be warmer soon!

    I thought of you on Monday as I wandered the aisles of LA Farmers Market.

  5. I have considered getting a dog for this very reason.

  6. Dexter takes me out at least three times a day! Mostly because he gets bored so i I take him for a really long walk I am good for a few hours...It's good. He shows me stuff and slows me down to enjoy every blade of grass, every pile of doodoo.

  7. I think this weather is not too good for biking :)
    I like the photos!
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. You are right- it´s much more comfy for the doggies without any warm coats on. I had to use the airbrush, to get the snow of their paws off...

    The cycles are looking crazy- the morningsun- great!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs- Ines

  9. Those water towers are such great little buildings! I have a romantic view of dog walking but I could be wrong!
    I am feeling much better thanks! And thanks for my poetry comment!
    I am feeling better,
    The weather is wetter
    Than yours is. As yours
    Is cold stay indoors.

  10. well

    i have been wondering
    about all
    the dog~walkers Up There
    in the snow & cold!


    in north florida--->
    no snow

    just a balmy 38 degrees.....


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