Monday, January 31, 2011

A Visit to Long Island and Snow in the City


If any thing, there was even more snow on Long Island. 
These photos were taken on Friday at the Jarvis House.

Everything submerged -- like the lawn furniture....

How almost New England --the red barn and the snow...

Quite the photo op season for the berries......

and the grasses too.

Back in the city, the sparrows gather together,

the crosswalks are filled with sloppy old slush,

cars are timidly peeping out from under the drifts.

22nd Street. Monday morning.

The dog was pretty impressed by the snowman in Penn South.
More snow predicted for tomorrow........!

ps Regarding yesterday's post about the unfortunate Beige Family, all the suggestions were great (and I'd welcome even more), but I liked Britt-Arnhild's sensible invitation a lot. Dear Britt-Arnhild, just let me know where to send the $10!



  1. Beautiful shot of birds, and yikes, the snow! I agree with Britt-Arnhild, the Beige Family should be interacting, or up and doing something.

  2. The snow looks so pretty, and I love the bird-houses hanging from the trees.

    Britt-Arnhild has it: the beige family need to be shown real food and the art of community.

  3. I must say the photo of the sparrows is fabulous !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Now I know what colour to paint my garden shed - barn red. I agree sparrows pic is a goodie!

  5. It is good that we have seen spring come every year or snowy winters like this could bring such despair and hopelessness. Hope the weather predictors are wrong about the storm headed your way. Laughing at Buster and the snowman.

  6. Good evening to you, Elizabeth.

    Let's get ourselves ready for this week's refresher snow fall.

    I do like those sparrows, arranged like dark winged berries on their branched.

    But. My heart belongs to Buster's inspection of that snow man.


  7. What grabs me the most is the variety of shots; not just one snowy aspect but the whole gammut. As we do not really have snow here, it is wonderful to be able to have the experience in photographic form. Thank You for a snowy day in New York .... which I may get to in 2012! .... en route to Denver to visit my sister.

  8. Thanks Elizabeth!
    Just looked at the beige family-very funny! I love the little sparrows altogether. Stay warm in the storm!


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