Saturday, January 1, 2011

Moroccan Dreams

Only about six weeks until we go back to Morocco for me to lead a writing workshop, so I've been thinking about it a lot.

All sorts of images and memories from when we lived there and from way before that. 
On the left, a mosque that almost tumbles into the sea on the coast north of Essouira. On the right the shadow and glitz of the souk.

We lived a rather simple sort of life -- our front door was on the right of the lower right picture -- deep in the medina. Marrakesh can be super-chic and glitzy, but it can be shabby-chic too.....and even rather gritty and down-at-heels. I loved its many different faces. 

I could spend hours making collages. These images are all with walking distance of Djemma Elfna, the  main square.

These last two make me smile: little oranges in a house with really traditional tiles, and a view of the foothills of the Atlas Mountains near my friend Jamila's house.

The writing workshop is being held at Peacock Pavilions just outside the city.
See the photos below taken by Holly Becker of Decor8
during her really successful design workshop.

Please contact me very soon indeed for more details about joining our small group.


  1. The sensory overload reminds me so much of my experiences in Mexico. Beauty everywhere you look. I really, really wish that I could go. A Happy New Year to you, Elizabeth.

  2. Happy New Year to you, Elizabeth!

    This post is so full of temptation. I hope that this Moroccan Workshop will be the first of many.

    I did manage to stay awake long enought to hear the Central Park fireworks at midnight, and have so enjoyed having a quiet, reflective Jan. 1, paying bills, cooking supposedly-good-luck black eyed peas, reading, drawing, calling family and friends, and...catching up with the world via the laptop.

    xo to all at your place.

  3. Morocco right around the corner- It will be fabulous! Especially going to the coast, especially the food...Happy NEw Year Dear Elizabeth- I hope that buster will be NOT too puppy sad.

  4. I found your blog, Elizabeth, when you were living in Marrakesh and immediately fell in love with the vivid photography. Now I dream of traveling there to see it all myself.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Happy new year.
    Please let me know "About New York" also this year.

  6. Morocco is a really interesting country.
    Very nice photos, thank you for sharing!

  7. How I would love, love LOVE to go there....... but no, not this time unfortunately.

    We are flying down to Tenerife today. I'll wave down to Morocco when we pass.

  8. Incredible place tkanks to incredible colors which makes even modest places look like paradise

  9. happy new year!!

    morocco has always been top of my travel list! but i still haven't made it round there yet! loving the photos! (an interesting insight!)


  10. That's so exciting, Elizabeth! I'm hoping to help teach a class in Fez this summer with my university. Fingers crossed.

    Enjoy Peacock Pavilions! It's a dream (I did a project there last spring).


  11. Wish I could go, even though I'm not a writer.
    I started reading your blog when you were in Morocco and I must admit I was a little disappointed when you moved to New York but I'm enjoying your New York photos as much as the Moroccan ones. And now I'll bet we'll get a lot of new Moroccan photos.
    If you hadn't ended up in New York you probably wouldn't have found Buster so that's a real plus for all of us blog readers.

  12. Oh how wonderful. Delicious images, inspirational scenes. I am sure that it will be a fantastic experience ... and please let us know how good it was on your return.

  13. Lots of inspiration for writing there, even in your photos.

  14. Incredible images Morocco. Putting them together creates an energy that you really find in Morocco. Good luck with the workshop. Carla


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