Monday, January 10, 2011


Fruit at home... a Moroccan bowl on top of paper Robert wipes his brushes on.

How strange and early in the morning it was...

when we had breakfast at a diner on Long Island. Lots of
little plastic containers of things and lots of paper to throw away. Diners do not
'get' tea --that you need to pour boiling water on top of the bag.....


  1. Your previous post shows some very frigid folk partying, but my aren't they dressed ever so elegantly. Love the fruit on the very colorful abstract painting aka a brush cleaner. I often wonder why restaurants/diners don't just pour cream in a pitcher, offer small pats of butter on a plate, and by all means serve hot water in a tiny pot rather than have all that trash.

  2. Your artist Robert's brush paper is a work of art in itself. The addition of the bowl and the fruit makes a remarkable still life. I love the colors and the shapes!

    The long morning breakfast shadows are very artistic as well. You are right about there being too many scraps of paper and containers at the fast food places.

  3. Good Morning, Dear-

    I like that photo in the middle- such a perfect shot!!! I am such a bad photographer and I admire people, who are able to take such shots!

    Your eye for little things, others don´t see is really great!

    But Dear- such a unhealthy breakfast- I think, it´s typical in America- when I visited America, I had similiar I eat only fruit with coconutmilk with a bit ginger and cinnamon on it and syrup...but also a great photo!

    Enjoy your day!

    Hugs, Ines

  4. I love the 'brush wiping' paper ... and the long long shadows.

    The breakfast brings back memories of our trip to America, this time last year.

  5. Teresa:completely agree with you!
    It would be more economical and look better not to have all the wretched packets!
    Leenie: Someone once framed the paper we wrapped up a present in....very amusing. I love taking photos of fruit
    am I bananas (this is a joke....)
    Ines and Aguja: we only go to diners very rarely -- I promise. We were fueling up for a visit to an elderly relative in a nursing home....

  6. Robert's paper is wonderful- something I would likely frame! The TEA thing in this country is ridiculous though they are finally beginning to understand tea where I live, I can even buy Proper English tea at the shops now- I do go through it! No more Lipton or red rose!

  7. I am hungry now! I like these photos, they are showing the mood of the breakfast!
    Have a nice day!

  8. You're back to posting on this blog - love the arty fruit!

  9. Hello - I have visited your blog many times though never left a comment. I love your many and varied photographs of New York that capture the essence and every day reality of that wonderful city. It has been too long since my last visit.

    Your latest blog made me think of tea and tearooms in Scotland. I blogged about my most favourite tea room find so far - perhaps you'd like to take a look.

    No matter where we live there are always the downsides. NY compensates in so many other ways. All the best.

  10. Hello Elizabeth! Thanks for your surprise and extremely quick response/comment! You are an early blogger! Tried to email you but I don't have an outlook account and am a bit of a luddite on the IT front.

    I'm on the west of coast of Scotland so snow and ice has gone - for now! Beautiful initially but pretty treacherous to operate in.

    In a sincere British sort of way - "Have a nice day!" (honest!)

  11. Interesting - breakfast syrup?????
    What a great abstract design out of the brush wiping paper!

  12. Heym that's one perfect still life!
    And the lighting is perfect, too.


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