Saturday, August 15, 2009


In August New York is rather empty of the usual sort of people,
 except ones like the poor crazy lady who lives in the hedge.
It fills up with other people. One day I'd like to go on a bus tour at
night and see everything with new eyes.

Looking north up 5th Avenue. The Flatiron Building on the right.

Some dramatic sunsets lately. 


  1. I am curious about the poor woman who lives in a hedge.
    One thing about the weather we have been having lately, it produces some amazing skies and sunsets.

  2. Beautiful flowers. Beautiful sunset. Beautiful street scene. It's nice to look at New York through different eyes.


  3. The new banner is incredible. What are you looking at (besides the sunset, I mean.)

    Happy weekend and happy August, such as it can be.

    I'll be in NYC sometime between Sept. 13-23 for a day or two. Will you be around? Hope so.

  4. LOVE the sunset...breathtaking...and the flowers. And the new banner is many great photos today all in all. Happy weekend, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

  5. Mo'a:
    The poor woman who lives in the hedge by the movie theater is really rather sweet. She is mentally ill but will say good morning or good evening. Yesterday she was very distressed and acted as if she were being arrested, but settled down later.
    Obviously, there are many such characters on the streets of New York. Their lives are not happy ones.

    I took the sunset picture out of our window looking directly west. The black thing in the middle is a water tower, I think.......
    Yes, yes, we will meet in September.

  6. what a dramatic urban sunset, lovely photo.

    Pooor woman living in a hedge...

  7. I didn't see that sunset - it is beautiful and rare, surely, to see clouds so outlined. Quite unusual to see in the city.

  8. Wonderful contrasts, all three. :^)

  9. The flowers gladdened my eyes. Thanks.

  10. Beautiful, as always. Love that sunset!


  11. Wow! That sure is one dramatic sunset! The flowers are sweet. Hope you are having a lovely weekend Elizabeth :)

  12. It seems that New York always does everything dramatically, not just sunsets.

  13. I remember the Flatiron building from my NT tour. There was an amazing deli'cafe just before there on the opposite side of the road. I had never seen such a selection of rolls/ bagels/ etc/ toppings for the same and all the different juices that went with them.

    In fact I stood there mesmerised at the choice.

  14. Of course I should have said NT tour! I am so sloppy.

    I love your new blog header photo

  15. Beautiful imigages and atmosphere, Elizabeth! So beautiful!
    Your new banner is very nice!

    Greetings from D'Ora, too, she is totally happy and relaxed today after spending the whole Saturday at the beach. Sends all her love to Buster! Have a nice Sunday!

  16. hi elizabeth, quite a few people will recall the big blackout a few years back. they remember it because it did just what you suggest would be so cool - to see the world with new eyes. i love the sunset shots, they remind me of a video musician brian eno did called "mistaken memories of medieval manhattan." i swear it's the same water tower. have a peaceful day. steven

  17. Beautiful shots ! but the last picture is stunning ...


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