Saturday, August 1, 2009


The L train goes to the unfamiliar world of Brooklyn
where people do the same sorts of things  as on the other
 side of the river ie prepare to descend into the subway.

At  the Dam Stuhltrager Gallery people have all sorts
 of props and prepare for a fashion show
 while Sir Frog observes from his corner. See below.
Bo Diddly, a girl of the streets, and the tiny plastic man
 who lives on top of our TV set at the CCCP Gallery.

Here is an old salt whose picture of a sinking ship is depressing.

Epoh Owl is having an opening too.


  1. I love how the pink umbrella makes the whole photograph pop.

  2. i love the not-so-quiet intensity of the woman with the pink umbrella that rises flower-like out of her green dress. the boys posing outside the opening . . . very goodness. steven

  3. Your husband is so talented.

    I like Brooklyn. It's a bit calmer than the island where you love. Great sushi and I like the park and museum too.

    Hope you got back home safe and sound after your excursion across the river!

  4. I love the girl's color combo with the green dress & pink umbrella.

  5. E, the weirdest thing just happened. Earlier whilst leaving my comment on your previous post about the robin, a different sort of comment box came up but I duly left it, saw it had not processed so I repeated the action - with the normal box this time.

    Lo and behold the first comment I left then became my latest blog post. It must be all the rain affecting the hamsters on the treadmill

  6. Robert's painting on the right reminds me a lot of Michael Sowa. Cool. Love the frog. Is it real? Or should I ask, was it real? :^)

  7. I want to be included in that first group! They look like they're off to have fun. All those shopping bags! And I love how the girl is dressed!

  8. Oh bliss. I've had such a wonderfully long meander through your blog today. So lovely to travel along with you through your always excellent photo reportage.

    Great shots, too, on this post. Love the little short plastic man's long shadow - it's like some sort of alter ego. Sad toad...reminising, I think.

    I've always felt that there is a slight air of melancholy about Brooklyn...perhaps it was because it was winter when I was there. Or perhaps because of books set in Brooklyn that I've read. Not sure.

    Alex and I have finished our respective Elizabeth Wix books - and LOVED them. Will both write about both to you next week.

  9. What interesting encounters,
    they put a smile on my face. ;-)

    Did I say so also in my previous comment? Well, it is true. :-)

  10. I've done another blog post just to knock the gremlins on the head but I think it is still appearing in people's sidebar with the earlier error. How weird.

    I love the pink umberella - my mum always used to prefer an umberella either in pink or rose - to give a glow to the face

  11. Oh, the girl in the green dress with the pink umbrella reminds me of a dahlia, and I love dahlias.

  12. I can smell the artistic foment in your post! Love it everyday ;-)

    Aloha from another island

    Comfort Spiral

  13. yeah...the green dress and the pink brolly!!! oh wow...XXX j

  14. I am getting so excited for my trip! Robert's work looks so interesting...were you on bikes on the high line?

    oh your new york life!!



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