Monday, August 10, 2009

Things Seen

Imagine what it must
 be like if you have to earn money
 doing something you hate or only like a little bit.


On a more cheerful note, consider the lilies

and other good midsummer stuff at the green market.

The strawberries are the proper size: ie small

I never use sage in cooking. It goes beautifully with liver
fegato alla salvia
My family would have a fit (except the dog)
 so I just look at it instead.



  1. funny - even though I toil and spin, I'm still not as beautifully arrayed as a lily...

    your photographs are lovely, intriguing, beautifully balanced with words.

  2. luscious photographs - after the first, you ask a question. i'll answer through my own experience.
    i worked in a factory for ten years before becoming a teacher. it was very dirty, very menial, fairly mind-numbing. so i found a level of craft in the work i did. i set challenges based on quality and quantity. i found a space inside the idea of work that allowed my creativity to flow. it was simple enough work that i was able to think. to find a form of love for what it allowed me. otherwise i would have gone mad!!! have a peaceful day in new york/ steven

  3. Oooo...liver cooked with fresh sage is devine. Especially chicken livers. Mmm. The small strawberries are always the tastiest.

    Everyone is loving your "God has a plan to kill me" over at the manor. ;^)

  4. I agree...imagine working all day every day, doing what you don't like.
    Sage is good in sausages :) not that sausages are on my menu.

  5. Fabulous colours for a very grey Summer's day in Scotland, but ... I do have wild strawberries in the garden. They're tiny, and Titus himself tries to get to them first.

  6. Yummy berries .. ever try some of that delish Fage greek yogart? Deeeeevine.

    And you won the Caption This contest .. Husband picked your caption... send me your snail mail addy and I will send you your prize OR you can come visit me and claim it in person!

  7. superb photos dear..!! all pictures look so fresh and natural

  8. Are there raspberries with those strawberries, elizabeth? I really think I like raspberries better - but now that both are coming to an end here I will eat either if I get the chance.

  9. Sage is good with many kinds of meat ... not just liver.

    And you're right - strawberries SHOULD be small. Thank you for that, thank you.

    I love my work but have definitely had bad jobs in the past. It always felt like my life was passing before my eyes.

  10. Those strawberries on blue china are scrumptious! Sage and onion stuffing in a chicken is always tasty. It does look lovely with the peaches.

  11. Hi Elizabeth!

    Oh tat is a sad...but I'm sure many have no choice but stay in a job they dislike.

    I grow sage in pots in my is delicious as a seasoning with turkey or chicken and I also chop it fine and saute with butter add a touch of cream at the end, and use it a sauce over pumpkin ravioli in the fall.

  12. I put sage leaves in a turkey crumble I make and it is delicious.

    Re dead end jobs - I must have been lucky but I've never had a job that I didn't enjoy - even those that didn't last very long due to the ineptitude of my youth :)

  13. I'll have a few plates of those berries please, ours are all sour :(

  14. btw, any form of liver is no fun eating...yucky :(

  15. Snnnniiiiiiffff! This is a post for the nose and tastebuds--well except for that first pic, which is really kind of sad.

    I miss English strawberries...

  16. I think I'll join Buster and you can make us some of that liverfegato alla salvia. Sounds yummy!

    For dessert I think we'll have some of those strawberries!


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