Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday People

Waiting for the work day to begin.
23rd Street

Different ends of the spectrum.
High Line. Spencer Finch Window

Mother and Daughter
High Line

An artist to record it all.
High Line

and 8th Avenue at noon.

For Isabel's lovely philosophical essay about landscape and the High Line go here.


  1. I am inspired by your and Isabel's images of the High Line. I will be walking it soon :)

  2. I love your different ends of the spectrum shot

  3. You have really made me want to go check out the High Line when I'm up there. You capture so many great pics up there. It is up, isn't it?

  4. The Spencer Finch window is lovely plus extra participants! Mine came out pink too, but I thought it was pale blues and greens in colour - is this a camera quirtk? Loved the ladder repeats.

  5. Walking about the City is how I grew up. I adore your blog, Dear!


    Comfort Spiral

  6. Great photo captures. I'm loving the High Line chronicles. New York City has such interesting folks -- young and old. ;-)

    Paz (hoping to make it out to the High Line one of these days.)

  7. Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing Isabel's link too...I went there as well. It's always a pleasure to come here and see bits of NYC, a place I've never been (except for the Statue of Liberty that is)...

  8. Ahh.. and how traansient is the Friday.. it will soon be Monday and there will be Monday peole all over!
    Love the different ends of the spectrum.

  9. The High Line really is providing all sorts of inspiration for you at the moment.

    I love the unique perspective of your second photograph, and the geeky chic of the girl in the last photo amuses me.


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