Friday, August 14, 2009


The moon has been visible in the early mornings
but it seems to have vanished in my photo. If you strain
 your eyes horribly, you can see it just above the
 'V' of the buildings.

I have been finishing a project before going away from
 the city for two weeks.
Herewith three city things:

1. A street fair
 23rd Street.

2. A behind the scenes look at the fabrication of a sculpture.
If you blow the picture up you can see all the little pieces of wood
that undulate in the sculpture.
  22nd Street

3. The lighting crew organizing things for a shoot.
20th Street

On a quite different topic, I have just finished reading a book I loved so much I had to ration myself from gobbling it all up at once and neglecting the rest of my life.
The Priory by Dorothy Whipple (Persephone Books) originally published in 1939,
 concerns the fate and fortunes of all the inhabitants of a large, decaying English country house.
Promising already! 

One quote: The electricity plant was old and out of date. It was on its last legs, but it must be made to do, because, as the major frequently pointed out, he could not afford to replace it. It must be spared, he decreed, as much as possible. Since he was very economical in everything that did not directly affect his own comfort, the household had to wait for light until he wanted light himself.

I think many of us have met Major Marwood.
Anyway, it is a terrific read, with wonderful insight into the human heart.



  1. Quotation from my childhood, "Never turn the thermostat above 50!"

  2. O no, Claudia!
    You are not talking about air conditioning, I gather. ;-)

    I had to take my youngest to the doctor and while waiting, I took cloud pictures with angles of roofs similar to yours, among other scenes of the city outside the tourist areas.

  3. I love your street scenes, you always capture the energy - I can feel it

  4. The thermostat is never far above 50 at the manor, either. In the winter, that is.

    Wonderful shot of the shoot! The lighting is so dramatic.

  5. Love the street scenes today, Elizabeth--especially the ripple of the wood sculpture. :o) I read "The Priory" a long ago--a great read! Hope you have a wonderful break and time away. ((HUGS))

  6. I strained my eyes and still couldn't see it!
    Have a great break.

  7. I think that I have known many Major Marwoods. I might have been married to one of them. Just kidding!

  8. Great street scenes as always. When I need my NY fix, I love to tune capture them well. Sounds like a great book & yes, I've met the fella before ;-)

  9. Had completely forgotten Dorothy Whipple - must look for her in the library!
    Sorry but I couldn't see the moon - loved the skyscape though.

  10. I've enjoyed catching up with your summer photos. I never minded summer in the city. Always enjoyed taking the train out to Jones Beach for the day. Looking forward to the Hi-line when I finally return.

  11. I take alll your book suggestions very seriously and I'm going to add it to my amazon wish list

    (I saw the moon)

  12. p.s. Thought you might be interested in this

  13. I remember you reading that passage of the Priory to me :)
    I am truly enjoying all of my Persephone Books :)

    Thanks Elizabeth!

  14. Great photos. And great quote! I walked past Persephone bookshop in Lamb's Conduit yesterday and thought about you. I didn't have time to go in, but next time I'm there (which will be on Monday) I'll check out this book.

  15. I wish that we had one of those lovely blue skies today . . . woke to gray drizzle. Julie from Denmark came yesterday, and I have six more blog friends arriving today for lunch!

    I had a lovely visit to Persephone this week -- very sad that I didn't pick up The Priory, though. I will just have to go again. (Claudia's quotation from childhood made me smile.)

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