Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Walk and Some Busy Bakers

A walk down 9th Avenue where a shop has a nice silvery display.

For some reason silver is more appropriate in the winter. Perhaps because it echoes candles so well?

A very handsome cat hangs out in the vet's office dreaming of turkey.

Macy's (on the left) was meant to come at the end of the post. I won't be going there today.
 Too many people and too much exciting parade. 
It opens at four on Friday morning for die-hard shoppers who will get amazing bargains...
I won't be there then either.

This character was waiting for his owner outside the English shop.
He was very noisy. We saw the dog show on TV today and thought all the dogs were too primped and groomed.
I think dogs prefer to be muddy.

Time for a snack outside Sarabeth's in the Chelsea Market.

Inside Sarabeth's the bakers were exceedingly busy. So many pies to bake........


  1. Oh I love your pictures Elizabeth. They makes me wish I was in New York! Those pies look good...
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving, a big warm cyber hug to you!! :o)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! Those pies are enormous! Um, did you say that Macy's will open at four in the MORNING?

  3. More lovely pictures of a different New York - I do so enjoy them. Hope Thanksgiving goes well for you all - I can almost smell that bread baking.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving - and what a wonderful city to spend it in!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!

    'designing your life'

  6. Love your city pictures. You make New York seem warm and inviting even in the cold. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! I should have had those bakers make my pies...

    I won't be going shopping tomorrow at Macy's or anywhere else.

  8. My non-blogging friend who lives in your area says she shares many of your venues. As I don't get scenic photos from her, I enjoy re-living her experiences through you! All very odd and cyberish!

  9. I had to move from NY to Houston 2 years ago after 11 blissful years. My first co-op apartment that I owned was on 19th between Park and B-way so I enjoy your Union Square and Green Market reports. And I lived in Greenwich Village on W.12th between the Hudsaon and Abdington Square for the last four years after that. I miss it very much (though I do go back several times a year) but finding your blog makes me feel like I've just taken a walk there every time I sign on. That's hard to do, so thank you!

    Please stop by my blog (I have 3) when you can.

  10. New York is fabulous especially during this time of the year. I miss New York as we used to live there too. I'm also remembering the really, really c-o-l-d winters! Brrrr! We were married in NYC on Christmas Eve!

  11. Looks like a good day in the city. ;-) I won't be shopping at Macy's at 5 in the morning, either. ;-)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Oh Elizabeth, I hope one day I'll have all the time like you..leisurely taking pictures. And I do hope you'll get a chance to hop over to Asia soon, you'll love it :D

  13. Elizabeth, that cat is so darling....what a different life it leads from the cats in Marrakesh! Or maybe not?

    In answer to your question, we celebrate Thanksgiving day in Canada, about a month ago (2nd weekend in October, I think). Its a big deal, with traditional turkey and cranberry. But we don't have all the days off holiday like the Americans. For us, its a long weekend.

    This year my family went to a restaurant...let someone else do the cooking!

  14. I love this blog. My husband is a native New Yorker and we go back and spend a couple of days roaming around...great fun and no other place like it.. Thank you for visiting my blog...

  15. Reflections make wonderful pictures. I like the way you're superimposed on the cat.

  16. Wonderful, busy, bustling scenes, Elizabeth...But I love the kitty in the window! ;o) Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday, and a great holiday weekend now. ((HUGS))

  17. Thanks for the walk down 9th Avenue. I don't think many would associate NYC with cats, dogs and bakers, but they are all part of the city. You did well to avoid Macy's and the parade crowds. Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving, Elizabeth! I hope you and your sweetie are having a good holiday weekend.

    PS: Macy's opened at four in the morning??? That's craaaazy!

  19. I'm sure dogs prefer muddy :)
    Best greetigs,

  20. Our 'adopted' son lives just to the left of the English store .. .


  21. Hi Friend,
    Congrat's on your book!! Hip Hip Hurray! Hope you and yours had a delightful time on Thanksgiving.
    Really like this painting of the white dress on the building. Inspiration galore!



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