Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reflections on the Blogosphere

I was having a conversation with a fellow New York blogger the other day and she said she might have to stop blogging for a while out of sheer exhaustion.
Unlike me, she is a very polite person who feels she has to go to all the other participants on a blogging event.....
Some now have several hundred.

Anyway, for people who come here to see New York stuff, this is the newly returned Intrepid.
Pretty amazing, seen from the bike path, and, I'm sure anywhere else.
Back to my theme.
I'm spending way too much time in the blogosphere.
Do I have a life? Sort of.
Lucky I don't have a day job...........

These are typical tall buildings at Columbus Circle when you come out of Central Park.
To revert, I read my e-mail and daily blogs in the morning.
I like blogs that entertain me and are upbeat. I like blogs that are quirky.
I read the comments too and am driven wild with fury sometimes.
No point in this whatsoever.

Nice fall rose hips in a garden way down town.
Having a blog and looking for things to share is sort of fun.
Then you have to look at the blog stats and wonder why a zillion people haven't commented today.
Did I offend someone?
Should I care if I did?
So and so hates me.
I am back in middle school.........Hm......

The shadow of a tree on the wall of FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) on 8th Avenue.
What should I say to my fellow blogger?
That blogging should be fun.........but it's sadly addictive.


  1. I know what you mean. I now have 1000+ unread posts in my Google Reader because I have spent HALF A DAY away from visiting blogs. It's overwhelming. I feel like I can't go on vacation because I'll miss something.

    I am addicted. I need a twelve step program.

  2. LOL glad I don't have lots of readers. Blogging can be a good creative exercise if, like eating chocolate, it is kept in check, possibly rationed as a reward for good behavior.

  3. I love the last picture of the tree's shadow. Those little things in life that people tend to pass by every day and not notice. You took a picture of it. I love that!

    It's true, blogging is addictive Elizabeth. And to help with the addiction I tagged you. Hee, hee.. hope you don't mind :o)

  4. Good observations, Elizabeth. I'd say take a break if it stopped being fun... ;-)

  5. Yes, I've had all these same thoughts on blogging. I am enjoying it immensely and am admittedly quite addicted. But I couldn't do it if I had a day job or young children at home. And I have often wondered where does it end? Or does it?

    And while we're on the subject, do you ever visit a blog, read a very entertaining post and then draw a complete blank as to how to comment? Duh.

  6. i love and adore your blog. so what if its addictive. its beautiful. i love sitting here in east africa, learning about NYC through your elegant words and totally funky images. am sure you have fun doing it, otherwise it would be SO good! shine on. x j

  7. oh flip! meant. you must be having fun doing your blog otherwise it wouldn;t be SO good!!! duh, xx

  8. Addictive indeed... I dont visit all the players in the MEMEs I participate in, I used to but I have to actually work from time to time during the 8+ hrs I am in the office. But I do try to visit all my friends on my blogroll and the blogs I folllow .. AND keep up with comments ... clearly I need help!


  9. I like your blog and I really like this post. I started following your blog the other day. I found it through my friend Alyson. I really love your pictures of New York. I miss the city terribly after having lived near there for almost four years, so your blog helps me feel closer to it again.

    Love your thoughts about blogging too. It is fun but it can also be so time-consuming and can bring up all sorts of feelings, good and bad. If you're not careful it will rule your life, so I try to be careful!

  10. That's exactly what you should say. It is strangly addictive though isn't it? :)

    Love that shodow pic by the way!

  11. I think people with successful and fulfilling offline lives have much to blog about, and that's all the more reason to cultivate a life away from the computer - yes, to create blog fodder! ;-) I'm glad you're always out there and enjoying yourself, then you come back and ply us with treats. ;-)

  12. I liked the way you interspered comments on blogging with the scenes from your "real" life. Your "reflections" confirmed, for me, that I don't want to get any kind of stat counter; nor do I want to participate in blogging events.

    How many friendships, whether the blogging or real-life kind, can any one person handle? One of the funny side-effects of blogging is how you start worrying about people who haven't posted in a while. And yet if I don't hear from a real-life friend, I just assume that the person is busy!

  13. What an interesting post Elizabeth. I totally agree with you that blogging is addictive, and should be fun too, if it feels like a chore ..then something is wrong. Blogosphere is a funny thing..we connect with so many beautiful people, we learn something new every day, we get a peek into someone's life and get to know them a little better..and then come one or two deranged person..totally unhappy and upset us and throw us off track. That's what happened to me. And them, I thought..if I have 20 or more good you, who cares about one of moron right? hehe...but if its not for you, I'll miss all those wonderful sights of New york and Marrakesh and other beautiful post like from Constance too. I work too..and blog is diversion for me, maybe therapeutic too..or else I'd go bonkers looking at those paperwork. Have a great weekend and big hugs...and it's the parcel's still not here *sob*sob*

  14. Good post! I found you through ABC Wednesday but I think I'll stay and look around. ;)

    I love your photos - you certainly have a good eye for a shot! The first one is stunning!

    On the subject of memes ... ABC Wednesday is the only one I take part in, because I do enjoy it, and I do go through a lot of the contributors, since I am now on the team, but after doing my quota, I will visit my favourites, and then I'll visit the ones who are kind enough to comment on mine. It would be impossible to go to them all, read my own news feed, run my own forum and blog, and keep up to date with my adopted greyhound forum, let alone get anything else done - like get the poor dogs walked! Luckily Other Half also blogs... ;)

  15. Great post! And so true.

    My name is Charmaine, and I'm addicted to blogging.

  16. I really enjoyed everyone's comments.
    Statistics are probably pernicious and should be avoided.......if one can resist.
    Bee: Yes, one only needs a limited, small and wonderful group of friends.
    More is not necessarily better.
    D-Moll: Yes, but I find chocolate hard to resist.....
    Willow: Yes, sometimes I'm quite stumped for a witty comment........but try to come up with something however lame since some people really enjoy them.
    Charmaine:at least it's not liquor.........

  17. Great photos.

    Let's keep on blogging for fun :-)

  18. Quirky windows in another's mind...that's the brightest moments in blogging for me.

    You're right. If exhaustion is building, something has drifted off the road.

  19. There are worse things to be addicted to I suppose.

    Fess up Elizabeth. Is "your friend" really you?

    I'm hooked too and find I have to cut back sometimes and not visit everyone every day. I have made too many friends. A guy needs to work once in a while or I would not have anything to blog about.

    Lot's of great comments here too.

  20. I just found your blog via the dutchess and didn't want to leave it without a little "hello". The topic of this post was very interesting as I just started blogging and am already feeling its effects. Which are good and bad. Worst thing is that my cat forces me to write out of her perspective. It's somehow schizophrenic... ; )
    Anyway, I really like your photography and will come back!

  21. I certainly don't have hundreds of people visiting my blog every day but still, I can't keep up answering the comments I do receive so I've decided not to worry about it. I don't feel irked if someone doesn't respond to my comment. We all have lives beyond the blogosphere that we need to pay attention to and answering blog comments can take up alot of time. Now if someone sends me an email, then yes, I'll definitely respond.

    And I don't think stats are necessarily true. I imagine that quite a few of my stats are people accidently stumbling into my blog after a Google search.

    Breaks from blogging are good, too.

  22. Oh lord, I just reread my comment and I sound like a curmudgeon. Oops! Hee! I love blogging, too. And I really need my morning coffee.

  23. Ack! The anonymous curmudgeon is really me.

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