Friday, November 7, 2008

Manhattan: My City Secret

I have been tagged by my friend Maryam in Marrakesh to share a secret about New York.
She had been tagged by Benji Lanyardo the columnist of The (UK) Guardian's excellent Travel Blog. Her task was to reveal a hidden secret in her very favorite city - Marrakesh.

Of course what I'm revealing first really isn't a secret at all.
Just thought I'd throw in a visual from Union Square today.

The cafe in the basement of the Neue Galerie probably isn't much of a secret either. But a wonderful place to go especially if you are trying out to be in an Edward Hopper painting.......
or for sharing secrets.

The unending escalators at the 42nd Street bus terminal have a certain metallic charm.

Here the Empire State Building tries to look mysterious and an eensy bit secretive.
I'm passing this tag on to Merisi whose Vienna inspires and delights me every day. Her beautiful post is up now. Enjoy!


  1. oooh love that Obama pic. Nice little round up. I am ready to visit you in NY!

  2. A city that never sleeps must have more than a few secret places!

    My favorite secret place in New York city must be the "Rare Books" floor at Strand's bookstore! One day I asked about books by Arno Schmidt (I was doing some research at the LOC about him at the time), and they had two in stock, one for 10 dollars, the other one for 750. I fell in love with the last one. Today it sits on my bookshelves, all 30 pounds or so of it, thanks to my brothers who ordered it for me for my birthday. ;-) (Take this as a warning, should you wish to visit there!)

    During my visits to New York City, I always tried to walk at least once all the way up or down, from Soho to Greenwich Village, the Garment District, to Central Park, or its eastern counterparts. Getting lost, entering hidden courtyards, finding all sorts of treasures, or little cafes that seemed so far removed from noisy streets, encountering friendly New Yorkers (yes, emphatically yes! my daughter once kept a running list of all the kind people we encounered in one single day, and that was a very long one!). I have had some of the best cups of coffee in New York City, no small feat, I'd say.

    Now, if only I could guess where you took these pictures exactly!

  3. Love that elevator at the bus does seems never ending, my fav is the first picture :D

  4. Your pictures, as always, are beautiful. Do you get paid for your photos? You really should!

  5. great pics, and great tips...cheers Elizabeth.

    Bloggers...feel free to start up your own City Secret chains...and be sure to post on the original blog so we can track it:

  6. I enjoy your secrets, I would like to be an Edward Hopper's painting in this elegant cafe!

  7. I so want to visit the Neue Galerie
    , thank you for sharing your secrets :-).

  8. Hi Liz,
    Loved this smart idea born via Guardian's, and would like to add my contribution asap -w/out waiting to be tagged as stated.
    No more to say as NYC stands one of my faves, almost every inch of it.

  9. Utterly utterly enchanting - your blog

  10. Great NYC "secrets"!


  11. The picture of the Empire State Building is beautiful. I LOVE NY! I envy you that you live there. We visit quite often from D.C., but we have not been up there since last December. I was just telling my husband that I am craving some Italian food from Little Italy and a trip to Metropolitan Museum of Art........

  12. Elizabeth,

    You have come up with yet more treasures! Everyone of these pictures is such a gem, and each is so different from its mates. What a diverse city we have.


  13. Beautiful pictures of secret NY, how lucky you are to live in such a wonderful city. Love the monkey painting in previous post. Have a nice week end.

  14. I love Manhattan! Great photos.

  15. You do find the most interesting things to take photos of! Great secrets.

  16. i love it...i want to go to the Neue Gallery NOW!

  17. I love your secrelace ! I write it down because for me it was a secret ..I have never heard about it before!
    But next time I come to NYC I may ask you others secrets

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