Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Day of Quiet Reflection

New York was especially wonderful yesterday - more than usually energetic and upbeat. Everyone was feeling a sense of shared purpose.
So, today,we are all tired having stayed up well past our bedtimes.
But it was worth it.

This morning when I went to buy the paper, an older woman was buying copies of all the papers - and I don't blame her. We just grinned at each other.

These photos were taken last Saturday in lower Manhattan near the Holocaust Memorial Museum.
The reflections, the fallen leaves - one almost like a star.

I'm glad to be an American again, to be part of a country which has a great capacity for good.

PS. Credit where credit is due; John McCain's speech was a very model of civilized grace.
I was proud of him too.
Maybe we can all get better.
Oh, happy day!


  1. A very proud day in America! I have hope that someday I will see a woman President --anyhting is possible!

  2. It feels like my country again! Happy Day is right!

  3. Beautifully put, Elizabeth.

    I am tired, but elated. And need to go out and buy a keepsake newspaper.

    The future is looking better, and it really is up to all of us to contribute to those better days to come.


  4. What a great post, and a very happy day. Yes we are all tired today after a night of celebrating! I'm very proud!!

  5. Yes a happy day,in France we share your joyce, it's a great, great day!!Congratulations!!

  6. Congratulation, America, let's hope the best for him and for you.

  7. I thought Barack speech was magnanimous in victory and McCains was gracious in defeat. I thought McCain was a good guy too.

    I love your images and your title today.

  8. Yes, I stayed up WAY past my bedtime, too and feel tired, but absolutely proud and totally happy!

    Lovely reflective photos.

  9. Elizabeth, I'm happy that you are happy and full of hope again! Congratulations and lets hope the best!

  10. Oh happy day indeed! What a beautiful day!

    Nice to meet you! : )

  11. Lovely photos (as always) so serene. It is amazing how many US bloggers have posted their sense of relief at the outcome. We are all looking forward to better times.

  12. I certainly hope we can all get along now. It wasn't pretty at times!

    I was also so pleased last night as I heard. Hadn't thought to buy up the newspapers. Maybe I'd better do that now!

    You have such a great eye! Love your photos!

  13. I like the idea of all of the tired, jubilant New Yorkers walking around and smiling at each other. I hope that those who are disgruntled by the results will take heart from BOTH of the magnificent speeches -- acceptance, and concession. McCain had much grace; I recovered some of my respect for him. Obama was simply inspirational!

  14. Congrats! Now there is hope for all of us :D

  15. There is much cheering from us here in Australia! It was a happy day for us all! :)


  16. Did you get a copy of the paper?

    I am beyond happy, feeling so proud of this man and this grass roots effort...and yes, you are right McCain made a wonderful speech, I wish George W would just leave now and let Barack get on with it.


  17. Lovely serene photography after a far-from-serene day. I found it all most exciting. I only hope it isn't a case of (to use a favourite phrase of my mothers) 'after the Lord Mayor's Show comes the dust-cart'!

  18. My hubby wanted a paper to commemorate the day as well. Sadly, there wasn't a single paper to be purchased in our small town except our local weekly. And by that I don't mean that they were all sold out, I mean there AREN'T any. The closest place to buy a newspaper is almost 100 miles away. Sometimes living in the boonies has it's disadvantages.

  19. I am in the UK and yet I am so happy Obama has won. History has been made and he comes across as a man who cares and is sincere. He also has a lovely smile!

    Elizabeth, I love how you post your messages, with photo's and text in between each of them.

  20. I loved Jon Stewart's comments on the transformation of New Yorkers after the election, about how everyone was looking each other in the eye and smiling and he was afraid someone was going to invite him over for pie.

    I had a total stranger whisper his phone number in my ear while I was on my cell phone with my boyfriend long distance. People are definitely happy here, too. I'm going to take that as post-election happiness and not gross wierd behaviour.


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