Friday, November 14, 2008

Wet Day/Tagged

Alicia Padron a most wonderful illustrator of charming children's books tagged me to write seven things about myself. (You should go to her site to see the banner of a dog flying over the Empire State Building.)
How can I resist?
1. I love rainy days...the rainier the better...
Here people trudge along 8th Avenue.

2. I revel in reading really long books. Middlemarch and War and Peace are my idea of fun.
Another person on 8th Avenue. Doesn't black and white look more chic somehow?

3. I think people who talk on cell phones while checking out at the super market are excessively rude. Is the salesclerk not worthy of 'Good morning' at least? They should pay $20 extra as an 'unpleasant person' tax.

4. I like the crossing guard's super bright slicker. (You can see I'm running out of puff here...)

5. Being inside on a wet evening is bliss. Time to read all those long, long books...
6. My favorite food is probably bread --hot, crusty bread straight from the oven with butter and crunchy honey or strawberry jam.

7. In case you have fallen asleep at the dullness of this post, I throw in a photo of me as a drippy hippie selling beads I'd made on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence circa 1973
Once upon a time....


  1. Good morning Elizabeth,

    As always, your words and photos delight. As I was scrolling along, my mind considered how and why I also like a rainy day.

    And then ... I see a glorious photo from 1975, and that took my mind to all sorts of other considerations.

    Thank you for encouraging explorations.


  2. First of all, thank you for the lovely words Elizabeth! Very sweet of you. :o)

    Second, I love rainy days too. To be inside, warm and cozy on a rainy day is the best feeling.

    Third, yes, it does sound rude to talk on your cel when you are on a checkout register. I never thought about that. But you are right.

    and fourth, look at you selling beads in Florence!! How cool is that! You are so pretty too :o)

    Thanks so much for sharing and for joining the fun. I loved reading and seeing all the pics of your 7 things. :o)

  3. I was going to say that your number 2 photo was my favorite, until I came to the last one!! Priceless!!!

    I love rainy days, long books and bread, too.

  4. Oh, how wonderful that you still have documentation of your "drippy hippie" phase!

    Like Willow and you, I am also a fan of long books, rainy days (spent inside!), and bread. If I can combine the three, I am particularly happy.

  5. Elizabeth - I love learning the seven things about you (I too love Middlemarch) and, as usual, I love yoiur photographs - agree about black and white being chic too.

  6. I love that hippie you! Am with you on the cell phones, too. And long books. And rainy days...

  7. thank you for pointing out some lovely things about rainy days, I need to be reminded sometimes.

    that face on the beautiful hippie has not changed at all has she?


  8. I like rainy weather too (except for when it was rainy and windy on my wedding day. Boo!). And I agree that being inside reading or relaxing on a wet evening is wonderful.

  9. Wow Elizabeth..LOVE the last picture of you as a hippie!! So cool :D I love rainy days too but only on weekends not on the days when I had to wake early and send the kids to school in the morning. Love reading too..though nowadays is mostly in the car while waiting for the children or to kill time. Thanks for sharing infor about you...and yes, we have plenty of rude people on the phone all the time! Happy weekend :D

  10. Is this what you looked like when you met Robert? Very nice hippie look.


  11. Totally agree on the rudeness on cellphone when checking out.. and though I don't exactly love rainy days, I love NYC too...


  12. I like the Drippy Hippy best. I don't think I could stand the N Y climate. It seems to jump from excessively hot, as it was when I was there, to icy cold almost overnight! But it photographs well!

  13. B&W does look more chic, doesn't it?

    Love the 1973 photo! Drippy hippy, ha!

  14. My favorite of this post's photos: the last one!!

  15. Your list sound like my list. As a teen, I could not get enough of Thomas Hardy and long, long dense books.

    You would love the Portland climate, it's lovely and dripping damp for several months each year.

    Blogging is like any relationship, some days you are crazy excited and loving every particle of it, some days you wish it would go away and leave you alone...I am learning, after 2 years, to accept my ebbs and flows and trust that my readers will stick around.

    Love the hippy picture!

    p.s. I found you via Maryam's Marrakesh.

  16. Hi Elizabeth

    Yes it was quite a rainy day today wasn't it?

    I loved the Ponte Vecchio photo! I was there as a 18 year old in 1971! It was wonderful seeing it again in 2001 -- but it was much more crowded!

  17. Finally someone else admits to loving the rain!! Thank you ;-)

    I'd buy some beads from your "hippie you" :-) And of course, I am with you on the long books, especially on cold wet days... like today here in England.

  18. Oh my gosh! Look at YOU as a Hippie! Man, you're cool, Elizabeth. Look at all the things you have already done in your life.

  19. Ha, you look so happy on this photo! I'd love to go there now. too

  20. Elizabeth... that photo of you would make a great book cover...


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