Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alarmingly Bright/Ruby Tuesday

Most New Yorkers favor basic black.
When you think of Manhattan you think of black and white.......

...some people buck the trend. Like this dandy in his cool yellow pants at the bus stop on 23rd Street.....

....or these little girls at Union Square photographed when I was trying to participate in "Pink Saturday". (I failed.)

I'm pretty sure this family having brunch at the Half King in Chelsea comes from out of town. Four people and no black at all?
Real New Yorker to the left.

This group have got the clothes down - but the hair is pretty thrilling.

Long Island is another place entirely. In East Northport a pink car.


  1. This observation - about New Yorkers' predilection for wearing black - is shared by me! Though I'm one to talk - my own wardrobe is mostly in black, white, and brown...I keep trying to incorporate more color.

  2. Okay, now I'm certain - after seeing the photo of yellow pants at the bus stop - you are definitely channeling Edward Hopper!

    That is a very cool photo!


  3. Though I'm an all black girl myself, I do love color and try to spice things up a bit with a scarf every now and then ;-)

    Love the last two photos!

  4. Love all the colors. I love that the man in his yellow pants even brought his own chair to the bus stop. LOL!


  5. "Long Island is another place entirely."

    You make me laugh!! ;-)

  6. I don't mind all the reds but that Pepto Bismol pink car is another story.

  7. Oh I'm not fond of black garments at all, there's even one apt observation in the remake of "Stepford wives" that states that black is worn by neurotic, uptight, career hags...;) That said, too many people wear black and dark colours in the street of Stockholm too, sigh. I love it when I spot some colours, those girls coats look lovely and wow that pink car, not to mention the snazzy man in yellow pants and matching socks:) Have a good RT!

  8. I love that pink car! There is one pink car in our small town. I don't know who it belongs to. When we changed our car earlier this year there was a choice of pink, yellow or red!!! My husband, a very down to earth farmer, flatly refused the first two and settled for the red reluctantly!

  9. I love colors, but I wear black also, how beautiful is the phot of the pink car parked in front of red autumn leaves, you've got there a sharp eye. i also like very much the girls in bright colors.

  10. My daughter loves to wear bright colors and when she first moved to Philadelphia, everyone asked her where she was from. They knew by the colors she wasn't from the east coast!

  11. Great post for Ruby Tuesday! You've got New Yorkers down pat! And what did that guy do? Bring his own stool to sit on waiting for the bus? Ha! And yes, we long islanders (queens) do love RED! :)

  12. I so enjoy getting to look at your vibrant NY world.

    As I mated about 10 pairs of my husband's black socks today, I did think about the downside of black: it makes a great canvas for lint and cat hair!

    Pink is more flattering against the face, although it might clash with certain hair colors . . . do you think that was the logic behind that pink car? (Was that a custom job? I've never seen any car quite that color. I do have a friend with a pink Aga, though, but that is another story.)

  13. wow...look at that car!! reminded me the song 'pink cadillac'..if I am in that car, I draw all the crowds for sure. Actually, I have too much black too..slimming effect haha :D

  14. I think it goes beyond New York. I recently came back from Portland and went immediately to the mall to stock up on my black.

    Love the colors on these folks though.

  15. really cool photos

    did the man in yellow pants bring his own chair to the bus stop!?

    wouldn't surprise me

    welcome to Ruby Tuesday

    I love your blog

  16. There was a comment left on my blog, tellling me I simply HAD to read this post.

    I've been lucky enough to travel the world and I came T H I S close to being in NYC some weeks ago, but missed out.

    Now I know I must pay heed to the call of your city ....

  17. Wonderful sparks of color! Did you take these pictures recently?

    As a reformed black wearer,
    I empathize with every woman chosing that style. The clostest one can come to men's business suit ease of dressing in the morning.

  18. Ye gads a pink car. Fantastic photo though.
    I love bright colours but also wear some black too.
    This was a nifty portrait series Elizabeth.

  19. Everyone:
    Thank you for the lovely comments.
    In fact this post was cobbled together from lots of leftover pictures taken over the last few weeks.
    Yes, the guy with his own chair and yellow pants at the bus stop was very special indeed.
    Also the pink car on Long Island was astounding. If you had a pink car people would look at you. Some people would like that, others would hate it.
    My personal taste in clothing is dull and muted but not entirely black.
    I'm an equal opportunity colorist.

  20. Wow, one would never fail to notice that car!

    Interesting what you say about black and colours. We have had a number of Americans stay with us who have come over with a pre-conceived idea that all in England wear black. They are surprised to see that is not so,

  21. lovely photos and great captions


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