Saturday, December 17, 2011

Subway Series

Was heading down to Soho this morning.

and discovered that the subway seemed a very popular place to sleep.

The end of the line was about four stops on so I expect they woke up then. 

In the photos the metal rails look like the intestines of a prehistoric fish ....sort of.

Anyway, we get to Spring Street

and emerge into the light

where I see a very jolly Christmas dress
 (which I do not buy since I doubt I would look good in it)

and pretty jewels in another window. I buy rubber weather
 boots and a bar of soap and some other things
 which I will not mention since the recipients
 have been known to read this blog.

A child sleeping in the subway

and another child in a jolly hat heading somewhere nice, I hope.


  1. I always like your views of The City. It's fun to watch people through your eyes, especially in an environment so different from small town living. I think I've only ridden on a subway once, in Boston. The way you've treated you photos adds another layer of artistic-ness to your blog. Thanks!

  2. These pgotographs definitely say, "City! Look at me! This is what I am!"
    Your camera becomes a voice beisdes beong an eye into city life. Love the treatment!

  3. good morning .. there is no differences to hamburg

  4. How nice to be able to catch up on sleep between stops! And how lovely to be able to capture the sleepers.

  5. That little tiny red dress looks so cold! I am so grateful that there are no subways here- no need for them. Dexter would not like them I am sure!
    BTW- How is it that your photos present larger than most- mine are stupid and tiny. and blogger has changed - I can not figure out exactly how to make sense of the change...daft!

  6. I've ridden the subway once, from JFK to Greenwich Village, it was definitely an experience. It was getting dark and was a little scary to us but we're California gals. Love your pictures.


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