Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Red Letter Day

It's the Feast of St Nicholas, so it seemed rather
 a suitable day for Paz and I to go out scouting for Christmas decorations.....

 How well they chose the color of this door!

A bright red wall with a photoshoot going on inside.
The guy with the ripped torso waved like mad at us.

Still a few stubborn leaves....

 A tasteful simple wreath

one of my favorite windows

and sisters heading home from the florists to their convent on 20th Street.

Then, at lunch time, a first. A hawk on 24th Street seen from our window.
Paz is a great photographer of birds so Robert said he had arranged it specially for her.

If you haven't gone there already see Susanna Gordon's post about
a little town in Canada. My favorite post of the season.


  1. Awww, Elizabeth! Thank you! Well, YOU just made my night. :)

    It's always a pleasure to go strolling through New York with you - in person and via blogland. I really like the photograph of the red trees in front of the red brick buildings. New York is magical during the holidays, isn't it?

  2. Marvelous photos, Elizabeth. And all so different. Now I must go see Suzanne's post you mention...

  3. awwwww, NICE !

    I love the Hawk. Beautiful !

    There is/or was a Coppers Hawk that lived by my home but lately a huge Red Tail hawk has moved in and he (?) is twice the size of Winston, my name for the Coopers Hawk. I must keep a better look out to see what is happening. Winston was beautiful and help keep my rodent population in check ! I am sure that the new hawk will do that too but I will miss Winston.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. A hawk in the city? Interesting!
    I like the color of that red door! :)
    Have a nice day!

  5. Gosh, Parsnip,
    I had not thought of inviting the hawk inside to deal with the MICE that Buster doesn't seem to deter!

  6. Each of your photos tells a great tale of New York in early December.

    I wonder if that bird is the same one that another friend saw over in Madison Square Park pluck up a squirrel and fly it up to a tree branch for a leisurely lunch?

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon. xo

  7. Great seasonal photos. Love the sisters walking down the street with their flowers...so sweet.

    I want to see NY at Christmas time!

  8. Would be hard to say which is my favourite. Brilliant.

  9. Whoa! Ms. EWIX! Photos are amazing as usual but more so! WOW the hawk and the little black nuns- Awesome shots!
    I couldn't wait to start you book- I am totally enthralled but must put it down because there are demands being made...can't wait to get back to it- What a fabulous writer you are- wonderful amazing story !
    me and DEX!

  10. Elizabeth, that was a fun day. Lots to see and do. It was exciting to have the hunky semi nude guy waving at us. LOL! But I was even more excited about the hawk that sat outside your window. Robert sure knows how to make a gal happy. And of course, I was happy to spend some time with handsome Buster. Love your photos.

  11. P.S. I enjoyed Susanna's post very much.

  12. Just beautiful red photos of Christmas decorations!
    It's really a pleasure seeing NY by your eyes.

    I just went to Paz and love all photos too.
    Wishing you, Robert and Buster a nice day.

  13. Nice to be able to walk around a city and look at things - out west all we can do is drive through neighborhoods and look at lights and decorations on houses. (very little neighborhood walking in Vegas)

  14. Another lovely walk with you I love the photograph of the leaves. Going off to check Suzanne's post.

  15. oh my yes
    the photo of the sisters
    with the flowers


  16. Thanks for that really clean pics. My favorite one is the photo with the leaves. Really nice shot!

  17. what a great idea, showing New York through the eyes of a New Yorker, not only the tourist pictures but also the real life in the city. It appears much more real like that.


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