Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Fifth Avenue this morning in search of Christmas presents.

A bewildering choice of possibilities  -- so I probably got the wrong thing.......

I went to look at the natural stuff in Union Square. Here a suitably skinny tree, which, to my mind, shows off the  ornaments better. Others may disagree, and even want an artificial one. Luckily, I am not the Christmas decorations police.....

A wreath is an excellent thing. Round and satisfactory

pine cones are good too though it seems rather odd to buy them.

more greenery

red berries

and roses too

silver balls in a store

and a glimpse of the Met Life Building from Broadway.

Flowers at home left over from a party

and the faithful hound who has escaped from his own blog.

Even though Reya may disapprove I do love my  Hipstermatic  app.


  1. What a beautiful Christmas post today.
    Wonderful photos and the first one is lovely !
    And I love that faithful hound escaped from his blog.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. More famtstic Pics.!

    Eureka! I have managed to drag the photo acroos!
    If you would like the finished artwork, after seeing a photo of it, I will send it to you. It will be sometime next year as I have another to complete. You can let me know.

    It seemed like a challenge.

  3. I was in New York two years ago for Christmas with friends coming from Rome. So I have a very special thougt for your city that I like very much...

    Have a very beautiful Christmas!

  4. Great pictures! That is a beautiful tree you chose.

  5. Those wreaths look very plump and vibrant - tis the season!

  6. Wonderful evocative of Christmas! I love this post.

    I was looking at your bookshelf in the post below...the only of those books I've read is Crossing to Safety. Raine Maria Rilke I have seen quoted in other have an interesting collection. I notice the Arabic grammar too...I've got something similar for Hebrew.

  7. Thank you THank you for taking me along with you!
    It's does me good! Skinny trees, fat trees, lopsided trees, their all nice!!
    Your photos are looks magnificent, Elizabeth!
    I've started the book. I did have to let it air out, but now each night I'm getting into it!! Thanks for sending it my way!

    Tell Buster woof~woof for me ok?


  8. This is another time when I wish I could smell as well as see the post. All that evergreenery and the roses must have been a treat for your nose. A smile and a pat to Buster.

  9. Yes, it is time to buy gifts and Christmas tree!
    (of course I will let you know if I get the book!)

  10. thank you, thanks to these pictures I feel more like Christmas is coming!

  11. Oh I love these photos. It's a good thing I'm not the Christmas decorating police, too. I think I should advertise fresh wreaths in NY...I've made and sold large ones for $15 and $20 for jumbos.

  12. so beautiful Elizabeth!~hope the party was a success.. Thinking of you..Come see me this wknd--some nice things at the fklea this year!

  13. lovely
    lovely posting, missy!

    ~~silver balls in a store~~

    makes my heart quicken
    the one of
    ~~Furry Beast~~
    makes my heart smile


  14. Yes immense greenery at the time of Christmas. You have portrayed so much beautiful pics in your post. Really Nice !!!

  15. Oh my goodness, Elizabeth--you've really "branched out" here! I, too, am lovin' your Hipstermatic app., as well as your choice of images to which it's applied.

  16. I love your photos and also the effects with the iPhone...
    Happy new year


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