Friday, December 9, 2011

Magic Journeys and a Giveaway

Huntington Railroad Station on Monday

A time of year to turn inward and let the imagination run wild. Think The Polar Express

and all the cool trains at the Botanical Gardens.

How bright the moon shone last night

and how enchanting the florist on 8th Avenue.

Closer to home we made the first cookies of the season.
 Robert added the nose and Elly the two silver ball eyes. Hm.....

This is the magical estate in Essex in England where I grew up in an old gamekeeper's cottage. It is the setting of my story Jane in Winter which you can read free on line here, download from Nook or iTunes, or buy as an actual book from Amazon here. It's aimed at 9-12 year olds but anyone who grew up in the 1950's (or wishes they did) might enjoy it too

I'm giving away one signed copy of the book to the commenter whose name will be chosen at random on Sunday ---- so I can get the book to the winner before Christmas.

Happy reading!

ps Sunday afternoon.
Just done the drawing and Mr.Paparazzo from Hungary won the book.
I will send it as soon as I have his address.


  1. I'm not commenting just to win the book but I just decided I would start always commenting when I read blogs.
    (this was before I saw your "giveaway"--really!) I always read all your blogs and I don't always comment because I can't think of something clever to say. But I love them, love your photography, love the trips through your neighborhood and, of course, I'm totally in love with Buster.

  2. Love this story, must have it! What a magical childhood you must have had. I grew up in the 50's, but not in a game keeper's about romance! Also love the first photo, great mood piece!

  3. My eldest spent his first 7 years in England and I think he would enjoy this for his own daughters.

    Thanks for gorgeous images of NYC - all year round.

  4. Yes, A very Magical Journey.
    Living in the gamekeeper's cottage sounds wonderful and extremely magical.
    I started reading Jane In Winter on line and ended up buying the book and Jane and the Essex Serpent.

    Love the florist photo.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. This book is such a treat! Loved every word every sentence!

  6. I love that top photo, railway stations always feel magical to me, but misty railway stations...

  7. Oh wow - that's really fantastic. I am going to have to check out your book now. Thanks so much for sharing

  8. Nice cookie, I wanna taste it! :)
    I will read the book, I have to improve my English.
    Have a good weekend!

  9. Thank you for these links - I can see I'm going to enjoy reading your book with its English setting even if I'm not a lucky winner! I've been so enjoying your photos of New York in festive mood, and your pics of Union Square Café brought back very happy memories from trips there in the past. Many thanks!

  10. This story is amazing; magical and intriguing ..... read it!

    Any chance that I could use that evocative first photograph as a basis for my next drawing? You could email it if the answer is 'yes'.

  11. Fabulous photographs. I love the train being on the bus, and having been out today (in sleet) cutting greenery for the Church decorations, how I'd love to have a florist like that on the doorstep!

    And good gracious, put me in that draw. Thorndon Hall! In Ingrave? That's a stone's throw from us. It was my father's friend, John Bates, that did the conversion in the late 70's, I think.

    Going to have to get the book for the boys AND my mother.

  12. Titus:
    What an amazing co-incidence. Dad bought our cottage in 1937 when the Petre's sold off the estate --the deer park became a golf course.
    When I was a child there were all sorts of very strange people living in the cottages near the Hall.
    Do read it on line and send me feedback.
    Thorndon Hall is now rather swanky flats I think.....
    not like in the olden days.....

  13. Another great blogg I am off to read your book now.

  14. How cool you have a postcard of Thorndon Hall and grounds, where you grew up. What a fantastic place.
    Reminded me of another "Thorn" Hall -
    the Thornfield Hall of Jane Eyre.
    How romantic is that? a LITERARY

  15. that photo of the moon is so pretty! very magical, indeed!

  16. Lovely pictures, as always.

    I'm off to have a read of your book, it sounds a great read and I love childrens stories!

  17. Wow, I won! I can't wait to read the book! Thank you very much!

  18. This bright moon and the first picture added some misterious atmosphere!


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