Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute

The local diner has snowmen on the window

though we haven't had any snow since October.

 The bagel shop has similar merry decorations.

I managed to find some real holly in Union Square this morning when I was up there this morning with Mari from Finland and her husband. 

Then home where the decorating and gift wrapping commenced. The troll and the snowman live in boxes all year and get to escape at Christmas,

as do Sponge Bob and the terrifying bug whose head can be pulled away from his body.



  1. Wishing you and yours and Buster
    a very Merry Christmas -
    I am just moving, so its a bit hectic here, too. Enjoy!

  2. Merry Christmas and have prosperous new year!!

  3. Aww, Christmas troll. Merry merry and have a great one!

  4. I still have my wrapping to do!! Merry Christmas Elizabeth - to you, Robert and Buster and the rest of your lovely family. x

  5. awwww, I love Snowmen... and the Holly is beautiful.
    The year I went to Cambridge right before Christmas to help my son come back to the US at the end of school, I loved walking about the city center and at the flower stalls there was so much Holly. I was truly in heaven.

    Wishing you and your Family a wonderful Christmas !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Merry Christmas Everyone!
    And very best wishes for the New Year.

  7. Next year you should cut branches from the holly bushes and trees in my garden. Fortunately, bees have found the hollies and we have berries a plenty. Merry Christmas Lori

  8. Have faith! We had snow only yesterday in the south of Quebec!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! Cute little friends, well all except the green bug!

  10. So festive! So cheerful! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day!

  11. Merry christmas and a Happy New Year to you. Thank you for all the wonderful posts this past year keep up the good blogs.

  12. Can't believe that it is so long since I was able to get over and visit!


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