Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lots of Everything

The Santas have arrived

on the bookshelf

and on 8th Avenue outside

the florist with the cat and the red berries.

In the 60's I spy an antiques shop with treasures within

and the window of Bloomingdales.
ps What splendid silver boots!

Uptown there are tasteful decorations with giant pinecones

and a house swathed and swagged

even the buildings are complex and stunning

and the diner jam-packed.


  1. A festive holiday mix. Very tasty! That picture of the cat in the florist's window is stunning.

  2. Gorgeous sights!

    I miss colonial homes decorated for Christmas.

  3. love the reflection of henry's smiling face on the window in the bottom photo.

  4. Elizabeth,
    I am tempted to try to recreate your row of books from my own bookshelves. ;-)

  5. Very good photos before Christmas!
    And the new design of the blog is really cool :)

  6. Oh how I'd love to visit NY sometime during the holidays, but since I can't I'll let you share your view of the city. Wonderful photos!

  7. thanks for sharing this Christmas atmosphere!

  8. White long coat and silver boot, mmm what a combination! :)

  9. I've never walked around NYC to look at the houses all decorated for Christmas - gotta try that next time I'm in town

  10. P.S.: Elizabeth,
    my earlier comment referred to the BOOKS -
    I would not bet, but it is quite possible that I could find almost all of your books in the picture on my own bookshelves (I have this tick of always having to spy on other people's shelves, even in pictures). ;-)

  11. Elizabeth, I love each and every one of these photos and the words you've added to them.

    Like Merisi, I had to have a long look at that book shelf, just peeking past the Santas, to see which books I have read. As you know, I mostly now let the library store the books that I want to read.

    Isn't New York fun at this time of the year! xo

  12. I want those treasures!

    And wow, oh wow, to the swagged house.

  13. Like your bookshelf santas!!


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