Sunday, December 4, 2011

'Tis the Season

for people to dress up in all sorts of jolly costumes...

like this Santa-ette selling yoghurt drinks on Penn Station.....

and a young man selling cosmetics in Macy's....

where I met this rather alarming, if cheerful, elf.

Part of Macy's Christmas grotto. Gloriously, astoundingly overwhelmingly red.

This elf in Union Square was selling home made chutneys.

Such simplicity at the Union Square cafe where they get things so exactly right

like the pumpkin cheescake. Yum.
After exactly the right amount to eat

I discover, amidst the paper-whites and cyclamen, an austerely perfect Lenten Rose.

My friend Susanna Gordon's father-in-law IS Santa
see her wonderful post here


  1. The lenten rose (new to me!) is glorious! What a delicate array of shading and color there and such a perfect photo. And I love all the other entertaining attractions you've shown us today too, especially the red!

  2. I love it when holidays give us an excuse to wear something fun without getting the stare-down. Such festive goings on and such decked-out halls! Wow! Nothing like the big city to know how to make the most of December. PLUS fresh flowers! Wish there was some way to get a taste of that pumpkin cheese cake.

  3. I can see you!
    Lovely shots, and I do like the look of the cafe.

  4. Macy's grotto is certainly red!

    Nice to see a picture of the Union Square cafe, I have a recipe for their spiced nuts which I make every Christmas, now I have a context of sorts.

  5. Don't you love it when New Yorkers get in the spirit and are, dare I say, jolly?

  6. I have not tried pumkin cheeseecake but it does look ok:)

  7. Love New York at Christmas time, beautiful!

  8. What a fabulously beautiful Lenten Rose....

  9. Do you have a Christmas hat too? I picked up another one Sunday, sitting here on my desk, guess I better put it on.

  10. So good to be jolly in the run up to Christmas.
    Thank you for the cheerful shots!

  11. Had a trip to to Canada then came back to visit more with you.


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