Saturday, July 30, 2011


Lots of flashing lights and the street blocked off.

A real fire on 23rd Street!
 I'm pretty sure no one was injured. So, that worry out of the way,
 all the excitement of vast trucks,  complicated equipment....

 and lots of people hanging round being important and cheerful.

Some people do useful stuff like open the fire hydrant

and unload the truck. 
Henry (aged 19 months) would have been overjoyed to see it all.

In fact, provided nothing tragic occurs, it is rather thrilling.

I could stand and look at it for hours.

ps. A Fortunate Child, my novel, based on a true story, set in England and Germany in the last century is now available on Itunes here.  Such are the wonders of technology!


  1. I know someone else who would love it. I`m sure there are fires all the time in New York but I heard of one in a Jewish synagogue a couple of weeks ago. I don`t know how bad it was. They do all look so knowledgeable and trustworthy don`t they? Instantly.

  2. something about the firefighters, they do please the eye...

  3. Those NYC Firefighters are awesome in a lot of good ways. Thanks for being there with your camera!

  4. Trailer Park burgers! on fire! Oh yes Mr. Henry would have been thrilled! When my boy was 18 months old we rented an old volunteer fire truck and went for a ride through town with the sirens blaring- it was called "firemen for fun"- huge success!LOVE the video of master Henry, by the way!

  5. they are thrilling!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


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  6. I have a friend who used to have a thing about fire fighters - not entirely convinced it was not she who would set off fire alarms around work just to catch a peek of them when they arrived - with bells on....!

    I am more captivated by the fact that you have authored and published 2 books - many congratulations!!

  7. You've caught some interesting expressions on the men in your last picture. Thanks for sharing Elizabeth, I always enjoy your NY picture stories.

  8. Very good photo report, I like all the pictures.

  9. It is a wonder that the firemen can work in those heavy suits. They are the bravest. Cheers Lori, and soon the beach!

  10. Wonderful post and a very beautiful set of images. Great city and great photo work.

  11. Ty Elizabeth for the kindly word to my baby!!! You have great sites and bloggs and i love u photos!!! :.)

  12. Love seeing street photos taken in NY! Great shots!


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