Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shadowshot Sunday/Guest photographer

Years ago, when Shadowshot Sunday was just beginning, and we lived in Morocco where the sun is so bright that there are always lots of stunning shadows, Denise saw some of my daughter Claudia's photos.

So here are a couple more taken this month on an island in the India Ocean.
Gosh, we're world travellers in Blogland!

Apparently very friendly birds!

And a little lizard guy on the outdoor shower.


  1. Fabulous...from the white blossom amongst the palm fronds to the nearly invisible lizard. All perfection.

    My Shadow Shot Link

    Hope your week ahead treats you well.

  2. Or maybe that was a little lizard GAL! :-)


    Imagine a shadow could talk
    In whisper or rumble or squawk;
    Just what would it say
    To make you go, “Hey!
    You’re just a chip off the old block!”?

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows abound here and here

  3. Beautiful shots of paradise..especially that outdoor shower.

  4. Love these photos. I remember your daughter's photos that you sometimes featured on your Morocco blog too. She has a fabulous eye and that makes them truly special. No wonder she is a professional photographer!

  5. those shadows are awesome .... outdoor showers delightful

  6. Beautiful shadowy photos!

    My shadows, hope you can visit and see. Have a great week ahead!

  7. Hello Elizabeth, and Claudia, too.

    These photos have such beauty...and clearly show me land that I will be very unlikely to see first hand myself.

    I thank you for letting me feel as if I have traveled.


  8. These are beautiful pictures!

  9. These are wonderful! I especially love the birds! I very much enjoy Claudia's photography. And yours Elizabeth! Enjoy your week :)

  10. Fantastic photo, but the first is particularly amazing and would make a great painting with the different shapes and contrasts.

  11. Beautiful shadow shots Elizabeth, have been missing you a lot. Hope all's well...hugs/MK

  12. What beautiful photographs. I'm particularly taken with the lizard in the outdoor shower, both seem so exotic.

  13. Brilliant pictures all of them, particularly the first.

  14. Beautiful shadowy photographs, and outdoor showers delightful. I like first photograph too much.


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