Saturday, July 16, 2011

Guerilla Gardening....update

New York has been becoming a prettier place lately.  It's never going to be an English country village or anything like that--nor would one wish it to be. Luis Lugan  has adopted this bed on 9th Avenue by 25th Street.

Here are coneflowers and petunias and some remarkably huge zinnias which he grew from seed.

There is all sorts of construction going on the other side of the road, but people have been very respectful of his efforts and stop to admire them.

I was so taken with Luis' zinnias that we had to have them too --imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, or: monkey see: monkey do. Rather a jumble of stuff growing, and the past-it pink daisy about to get the heave ho.

In another bed, right next to the Escalade wheel, some golden gage, the zinnias, the only green nicotinias that weren't nicked and a potato vine on the rampage.
Question: Should the potato vine be cut back or allowed to smother all of Chelsea?


  1. These little tree/street gardens are fabulous.
    I can't believe that people seal the plants... what were they raised by Voldemonrt and the Deatheaters ?

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I`ve absolutely no idea but I love this.

  3. me to , no idea ... but love the shots

  4. It's so pretty to see all that color and green growing things in the big city.

  5. Elizabeth, I do agree that it's pretty wonderful to see these tiny flowery square patches along some of our side streets.

    Over in my neighborhood, various local businesses sponsor the plantings in the mid-spaces along Broadway. Why do I not have a camera shot to illustrate my report?

    All this having been typed, there is still a lot of concrete and asphalt around New York that does not benefit from those green squares of London, and other cities, too. Still, let's celebrate what we do have and those who contribute to it.


  6. Beautiful flowers in the little gardens!

  7. Your guerilla garden is looking superb! Way to find a place to get your hands in the soil. Wish I could be there to see it in person. As for the potato vine I'd let it go. You might get some super-size spuds you could cook up for Sunday dinner. Just don't tell the neighbors there is food down in that dirt.

  8. Great shots! And yes, the smother option. The seed of a John Wyndham novel...

  9. I think it is wonderful when people do that and are allowed to do that and the vandals leave them alone. Very pretty.


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